Commandos 3: Destination Berlin archive guide

1. The pass code and ultimate save for Allied 3
The preservation mechanism of Allied Forces 3 is divided into 3 parts:

1 is the quicksave part, and the information is stored in QS0000.SAV. What needs to be pointed out here is that the quicksave part is independent, which means that when you quickload, the main program directly calls this file; 2 is the save part. This is where you save your progress. The file name starts from P0000000.SAV; 3 is the boot part.

exists in COMM3.CFG and PERFILES.DAT. The first thing to point out here is that when you play a level, the main program will automatically “save” it for you. Of course, it is the beginning of each level. You can open the Allied Forces and use COMM3.CFG which is used for loadgame and you can see that the first few saves that cannot be deleted are the saves of each level saved by the main program for you. How are the archives at the beginning of each level preserved? Of course it is done by COMM3.CFG and PERFILES.DAT.

It’s a process like this: at the beginning, output is nothing. When you play for the first time, such as the first level of training, the system will create PERFILES.DAT for you. At this time, there is only one statement 0REP, and loadgame is You can see that there is an archive that cannot be deleted. When you do the first save, a statement will be created in PERFILES.DAT, which has 3 keywords: save file name and save time, the third is to save in which number; at the same time create P0000000.SAV, and so on; this time , The password for the first level of training comes out: 1TUT (open PERFILES.DAT with Notepad to see).

When you exit the game, create COMM3.CFG, and record the number of levels you have played (open COMM3.CFG with Notepad, you can see it, the letter is between “[]”). By analogy, when you play through all levels, there are 13 archives that cannot be deleted, and their information is recorded in COMM3.CFG and PERFILES.DAT. From this there is the pass code for each level:

For the corresponding information recorded in COMM3.CFG, it is too long to be typed out, please check it out by allies who pass the customs (use the open method to select Notepad, do not select “Always use this program to open”). And the information in this part will not change in the future. Here is the text:)

2. About the ultimate solution to save lost when playing games

1. Take precautions: often backup and archive. It means not to save but to save the entire output separately.

2. Allies who encountered this problem but did not do 1, can solve it in the following ways:

First test the entire output and save it separately; second, delete all the stuff in the original output; third, count how many P0000000.SAV, P0000001.SAV…except QS0000.SAV; fourth, start the game, just choose a level , And then save as many archives as you originally; Fifth, exit the game, must! Sixth, save the files except COMM3.CFG and PERFILES.DAT in the output you saved at the beginning to the output of the Allied installation directory, and select overwrite. In this way, you can see your saves in loadgame; seventh:), in order to restore the 13 undeletable saves, our job is to play again, huh (however, if you save all levels before If it is, I will give you a trick: load the level, then restart it).

3. Analysis of the reasons for the loss of archives: The first thing to say is that there is no problem with version Z and good D or good BT! One reason is that other programs are still running while the allies are running. An error in that program causes errors when writing PERFILES.DAT to the main program of the allied forces. The other is the operation of the allies, that is, when you are about to die or are dead, When the face comes out, you press F11. At this time, there are usually problems:)

Clear password and ultimate save

The pass code is saved in two parts, is it known above:)

Ultimate archive: As long as it includes COMM3.CFG and PERFILES.DAT, this is because the passer always has the 13 undeletable archives and the pass password is also in those two files.

Added: Later, after playing it again through me, it turns out that as long as PERFILES.DAT can make the ultimate save.

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