Command & Conquer Yuri’s Revenge game cheats

Command Conquer Yuris Revenge game cheats

Command & Conquer Yuri’s Revenge game cheats

Gene mutation brush money+
Build a lot of soldiers yourself, preferably with a cheap loan ($100 per mobilized soldier). It is better to have a copy center. Build one or two, build 25, and spend 25*100=2500. Then use “gene mutation” to convert your little soldiers! Ha, they all become “barbarians”. If you sell them, you can get 250*50-2500=10000, earn 10000 yuan. If you don’t sell it, you can keep it for yourself. Yeah! Not bad anyway!

Slave Becomes Madman+
In the online game, after Yurifang has created a genetic mutation, he can use it against his own mining slaves (the more the better), and he can get a lot of madmen for free. Sell ​​if you like, and it’s also good for defense. Put the mining truck away and open it again, and many more slaves will come out.

The last cheat
Cheats for the last pass of the Allied forces

Don’t put tanks and anti-aircraft vehicles together. Yuri’s super weapon can change them. Build some submarines, build a few guided missile ships, and you can destroy one of Yuri’s super weapons, and the other one is at the bottom. Don’t hit it. Use an atomic bomb and a weather meter to wash it off after it has a full screen. You must strengthen the defense. By the way, if you don’t have money, you can use a spy!

Cheats for the last pass of the Soviet Union

There is a secret high-tech next to the base! ~ Go in with an engineer to get a giant cannon! Yuri has almost no dogs! After exploding the Allied Mind Detector with an atomic bomb, you can use a spy!

The magical use of Yuri’s minecart
If everyone sees Yuri’s minecart near you, lay ambush near it. When he opens and releases the slave, kill him and the slave is yours! This will not only stop the enemy’s minecart, but also get soldiers! If you are the Yuri team, you can build two minecarts, one is your source of money, and the other can get slave soldiers by using the above methods! If you want to sell it, you can keep it, the attack power is okay, but the defense power is not good.

Crazy Seven Steps +
“Soldiers, deception”, but this “deception” must be built on the foundation of being upright and bright.

Therefore, it is boring for some players to blindly pursue the so-called “secret skills” and the so-called “method of victory”. I’m sure that the day you get “absolute” will also be the day you hate it, because What you did at this time is no longer a competition, but a purposeless killing!

Therefore, the so-called secret techniques provided below are only to satisfy the curiosity of some “low hand”, but to add a smile.

1. Yuri who is full of food: On some maps, we will find a small tent on the outskirts of the mine, where there will be an interesting little link (I don’t know who’s a little joke). We can make a Yuri and the first engineer entered at the same time, and then a third-level dog was sent in. After a bark, he opened the tent, and only Yuri and the engineer came out. The strange thing is that Yuri’s appearance is a little different (the belly is big) , And its “Ascension Skill” range is almost 1/4 screen, terrible!?

2. Drowning Tanya: Swimming Tanya is fatal to ships, but what to do if you meet a submarine? Stealth!

Conditions, Ms. Tan Ya, a hospital, forcibly attacked Tan Ya to the last drop of blood (so distressed!), and then was hospitalized until two drops of blood were sent into the water (number first, you will know later) , But our Tan Ya is still too weak, sinking in the water, which means you can’t see her anymore, the enemy? Of course you can’t see her anymore! The function is still there, how to operate it? Click your number, little She is also on the map.

3. The plane landed on the roof: How long does it take for the war eagle to fly over the screen? Half a minute. 20 seconds? Look at your machine, but at least it takes more than 10 seconds, so of course you want your fighter plane to be parked near the opponent’s base. Method As follows, if you want to choose South Korea, after the Black Hawk comes out, choose a house not far from the enemy. The flat roof house should be as large as possible, and then send a spy and an engineer into the house at the same time. Can the engineer enter? Press PGUP Key, then let the black hawk fly to the house and press L to click the house. 🙂

Hand-made neutral units
In addition to the neutral units set in the game, we can also manually create all the neutral units you want, such as neutral tanks, neutral buildings, neutral units, etc. Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge Cheats: Manually create neutral units in the Red Alert , Interested players can try it.

First, build a Yuri X, then use him to control a phantom tank, and then build a troop recycling station.

This step is the key: Let Yuri enter the recycle bin, it can be clearly seen that it has become white, the computer will not actively attack it, but he will actively attack the computer, and the computer will not fight back.

Yuri’s Revenge BUG Collection
Practical significance

1. Invincible tank bunker! !

Everyone knows that the tank is in the bunker and will never be harmed (except for the aggressor aircraft and the small aircraft carrier), or mind control. . So use the overtime air regiment to freeze the tank bunker (be careful not to freeze for more than 20 seconds…otherwise the bunker disappears), making the bunker invincible, but the tanks inside can attack freely! ! And both the tank and the bunker are immune to any damage! ! ! Dedicated to abuse the computer! !

2. The flying soldiers are near the bridge (either on the bridge or not). The heavy self-exposing trucks on the bridge can kill the flying soldiers nearby (deceive to the bridge and kill them~ hahaha)

3. A 100% triggered bridge bug! ! ! The tank was lifted by the magnetoelectric tank on the bridge, and immediately put it down under the bridge. The bridge vehicle does not receive damage from the bridge (it can be injured under severe conditions)

(Note: Do not tow for too long, otherwise the vehicle may explode, and the bridge vehicle will have a height! Superimposing more than 1 layer will also cause an explosion (specifically, the upper layer explosion or the lower layer does not pay attention, but due to the nature of the magnetoelectric tank , I pushed it down because the upper bridge car exploded… Terrorist robots can get out of the bridge car and can float on the water!!)

4. The emergence of Invincible Bridge Car:

Using time and space to freeze the vehicles under the bridge, while the SEALs blow up the bridge, the vehicles under the bridge can still exist after the bridge is blown up! ! ! There will be magical phenomena! ! ! The vehicle still exists under the bridge, and there is 1 drop of blood left invincible when floating on the water! ! Invincible! !

5. Put a unit on the sea bridge (the blood thicker is easier to succeed), then attack him with a meaningless warship, and then immediately use the overtime air regiment to freeze the unit to make the unit invincible. The attack of a meaningless warship is an invincible target in the air (the damage of a dreadnought warship will blow up the bridge, and if there is no bridge support, it will be suspended. The system determines that the suspended unit is an air unit!!!) It will cause subsequent missiles to fly to the edge of the map and explode. Power reserve! ! , If the local base is built on the edge of the map, you can use this method to harass.

6. You can use the invincibility of time and space to protect the building you want to protect. The moment the nuclear bomb came down! ! Although killing time and space, the frozen target can be protected from nuclear bomb damage. Many can be protected at the same time. For example, when a nuclear bomb comes down, N main buildings are preserved at the expense of N super-spaces.

7. Magnetoelectric tank lifting the damage of the tank: no matter how strong the top is, it will explode (even if the fortress presses a small robot), the strong below can survive.

Entertainment posture

1. The tank enters the tank bunker and freezes and locks the bunker or tank. Tanks can still get out of the bunker

2. The hand speed is fast enough, or grasp the timing, you can let the robot invade the tank that is about to enter the bunker. . . Then the tank shines in the bunker but is not injured

3. Blasting the bridge to damage the frozen bridge vehicle is the only freezing situation that can be injured. Although the tank is invincible, it doesn’t have any functions anymore. There are only 2 methods left to destroy the sub-tank. One is to repair and blow up the bridge. The second is to use Kirov-type bombs to overthrow the tank. But the robot model cannot be overturned

4. Bridge boat bug. When the boat passes under the bridge, using the time-space freeze and then exploding the bridge will cause the same effect as a bridge car, with only a drop of blood left! (The reason why I didn’t get the bridge bug is because this bug is too boring. Haha, it has no practical meaning, so I put it in the entertainment article)

V1.001 version of BUG collection BY sdmythz +
1. Order the base and quickly pull it away, you can send troops for free.

2. The light tower on some maps kills everything in seconds.

3. The aircraft can be hidden in various buildings by clicking the left button continuously at the same time. Even if the air finger is destroyed, the aircraft can still be kept.

4. Block the gate of the mine with a fence, and the mine cart will be stuck when it falls. Then select the mine cart and click on the mine. The mine cart will fly over time to the nearest mining area for mining.

5. Hyperspace soldiers and squids can gain experience by destroying their own units.

6. After the third level of the air defense infantry, the anti-air firepower decreased.

7. With industrial factories and recycling stations, vehicles can be mass-produced and then sold for cash.

8. The thundering submarine sneak attack tactics are almost incomprehensible to the Allied and Soviet forces in the small and medium-sized maps around the sea, making Yuri country almost synonymous with insidiousness.

9. Click the enemy mine cart (Allied mine cart or Soviet mine cart), keep pressing G, the mine cart will stop moving.

10. The cannon sometimes fails to hit the target on the high ground even if the target is fixed.

11. Order the destroyer’s carrier-based aircraft to attack a submarine that is visible in the distance (for example, discovered by a pathfinder dolphin), and the target submarine becomes invisible (for example, the probe The road dolphins are killed and the submarine becomes invisible again), at this time the carrier-based aircraft will lose its target, swaying and flying everywhere, and will not fly back to the destroyer’s back deck.


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