Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 game cheats

Invisible Demolition Trucks:

Build five to six Demolition Trucks and prepare a charged Iron Curtain. Drive Demolition Trucks to the enemy base and use Iron Curtain before the enemy attacks them so that the Demolition Trucks will not be destroyed before reaching the destination.


When playing the game in the Soviet Union, Yuri controls a school bus, assigns five infantry units into the bus, and then drives into the enemy base. The Allied forces will not attack the bus.

Get new units:

Use a spy to sneak into the enemy’s laboratory and you may get the following four new units:

psi commando Mind control is the same as Yuri, but can bomb buildings

chrono Ivan: Ivan, the bomber who can transfer time and space

Chrono commando, the commando who can shift in time and space, seems to be the best

Prime yuyi’s strongest mind controller, at least 3 times longer than Yuri’s control range, but unfortunately only two

Build defense towers everywhere:

It can only be used in the United States. First, wait for your paratroopers to prepare for airborne. Build a machine gun tower and a prism tower (prism tower is recommended), and then select the airborne column. After a while, select the defensive tower you built, and then click any place on the radar screen. The defensive tower will appear in the one you clicked. Near the place (note: not every time you can succeed!)

The three secrets of “Red Alert 2”:

1: After our spies enter the enemy’s heavy industry (tank center), our heavy industry is upgraded to level one (that is, the vehicles and aircraft produced are level one)

2: After our spies enter the enemy’s barracks, our barracks are upgraded to level one (that is, the arms and police dogs produced are all level one).

3: After our spy enters the mine of the enemy (the enemy refers to the computer, because the computer is very rich), they usually steal a few dollars!

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