Club Penguin Game Guide

Club Penguin Game Guide

Club Penguin Game Guide

Throw A Snowball From Your Arm!!!

First you press “T” to “lock & Load”. Aim. Wave Then throw a smowball! It’s that simple!

The Back Of The Coffee Shop

Go in the coffee shop, walk over to the bean counters and right before you walk on top of the bags, click on the igloo icon on your toolbar and you will go to you’re home. It will ask you to play bean counters, click yes. Play bean counters. If you run out of lives, you will just lay there at the back of the coffee shop with bags on top of you. If before you run out of lives and click the X at the upper left corner, it will say game over and you can run around at the back of the coffee shop with nothing coming out of the back.

Beating Sensei


Defeat Everyone On Card Jitsu

Just pick a random card when you are just starting. You may lose that card, but then choose the card that was in the same place your first card was. Keep on doing that and you will win easily. I tried it on sensei ( WITH A BLACK BELT ) and I defeated him every time.

How To Juggle.

Put on the Ice-Cream apron, and (when the chat thing is not ready for typing), press the D button rapidly and it will look like you are juggling.

Puffle Round Up Hint

When playing puffle round up on club penguin to make sure that no puffls escape move on the out side on the game.

Hidden Items

In the catalogs run your cursor over everything and if the arrow turns into a hand click. A small cut out should appear with a secret item. This can only be used by members.



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