Clive Barker’s Undying game cheats


start Manor_InnerCourtyard

start Manor_InnerCourtyard_Storm

start Manor_NorthWingLower

start Manor_NorthWingLower_After

start Manor_NorthWingLower_night

start Manor_NorthWingLower_storm

start Manor_NorthWingUpper

start Manor_NorthWingUpper_night

start Manor_NorthWingUpper_PostOnieros

start Manor_NorthWingUpper_storm

start Manor_PatricksRoom

start Manor_TowerRun_night

start Manor_TowerRun_storm

start Manor_WestWing

start Manor_WestWing_Hall1

start Manor_WestWing_Night

start Manor_WidowsWatch_storm

start Monastery_Past_Church

start Monastery_Past_Exterior

start Monastery_Past_Interior

start Monastery_Past_LivingQuarters

start Monastery_Present_Church

start Monastery_Present_Cove

start Monastery_Present_Entrance

start Monastery_Present_InnerSanctum

start Monastery_Present_Tunnels

start Onieros_Amphitheater

start Onieros_City1

start Onieros_City2

start Onieros_HowlingWell

start Onieros_Intro

start Onieros_Oracle

start Onieros_RetreatBath

start Onieros_RetreatExterior

start Onieros_RetreatSecondFloor

start Onieros_RetreatStudio

start Onieros_ZigguratInterior

start Onieros_ZigguratLower

start Onieros_ZigguratUpper

start PiratesCove_Barracks

start PiratesCove_Exterior

start PiratesCove_Pier

start PiratesCove_Pool

start PiratesCove_TreasureRoom

start playground

start SmokeTest

start StandingStones_FirstVisit

start StandingStones_KingFight

Hidden area:

Carefully search every inch of the land (keep a keen observation), and you will find the secret levels hidden in “Undead”. In addition, you can also follow the instructions below to discover and enter secret areas.

Shooting Gallery

At the beginning of the game, you walk into the house, bid farewell to the maid, and walk forward for a while. Go to the end of the corridor and walk towards a gate. There is a medicine pack near the gate. Shoot at the two square tiles on top of the gate. The door will open and walk in. This is a level 10 miniature shooting range. It is not easy to pass the test.

Miniature Theater

Hit the “Tab” key. Type Open Manor_EntranceHall_FromKitch in the chat bar (Open Manor_EntranceHall_FromKitch). Walk towards the oil painting on the left. Jump up and jump to the top of the two oil paintings at the farthest point. They are slightly recessed in the wall behind, if you successfully jump to the top of the painting, you will hear a “click”. Then you can enjoy a show!

Giant Sheep

Hit the “Tab” key and type Open Monastery_Present_Cove (open the small canyon in the monastery) in the chat bar. Start this level of the game, pass the level all the way, until you jump from the barn to a collapsed building. Walk towards the top floor of this building. Find a thick plank that protrudes from the farm (when you first entered the building, a few howlers once jumped on this plank). You jump forward on the plank, and when you reach the end of it, you will see a man.

Disco of Death

Hit the “Tab” key. Type Open Oneiros_HowlingWell in the chat bar (Open Oneiros’s abandoned well). You fly towards a large building. Walk in and go down the stairs. Find a square button on the wall (near the huge purple magic field). Push the button. Fold back to the outside of the house. Fly to the roof and apply the scrye spell. There is a small purple mist in the sky. You fly towards the cloud of fog and pay attention to adjusting your mental state.

Patrick Strikes Out (Patrick Strikes Out)

Press the “Tab” key, and in the chat bar, press Open Manor_Entranchall_night_ReturnFromCove (open the entrance passage of the manor, leave the small canyon, and sneak back to the manor at night). Go through several gates and turn left. A maid will come out. After talking with her for a few words, followed her behind and strolled around nearby.

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