Clive Barker’s Jericho game cheats

Clive Barkers Jericho game cheats

Clive Barker’s Jericho game cheats

Enter the following cheat codes in the main menu bonus codes:

Cheats Effect
BFU5BNF0LUH6A2 Automatic completion of instant events
9L43JR77583PF7 (Such as counterattack or some special events to press the button will automatically succeed)
GF5CE0KJW90G3F Increased weapon power
V7LJ9T4JG268TC Quick life recovery
GEU6JH1RBTPH56 Keer’s skills can be used unlimited
U4MJRKAU6W5JCE Increase the power of close attacks
KJXD08T104X950 Unlimited ammo
0M461WHR7N0458 Turn on all cards

Hidden content conditions of the opened game:

01 Cpt. Devin Ross Kill 50 enemies with melee attacks
02 Lt. Abigail Black Kill 50 enemies with ghost bullets
03 Sgt. Frank Delgado 50 headshots
04 Sgt. Wilhelmina “Billie” Church Complete “Al Khali” hard mode
05 Cpt. Xavier Jones Complete “Man Down” hard mode
06 Cpl. Simone Cole Complete “The Tomb” hard mode
07 Fr. Paul Rawlings 100 headshots
08 Agent Muriel Green Complete “The Den of Souls” hard mode
09 Arnold Leech Complete “Al Khali” normal or simple mode
10 Deceased Devin Ross Complete the “Still With You” hard mode
11 Cultist Kill 100 enemies with melee attacks
12 Exlposive Cultist Break 50 enemies into pieces!
22 Brother William of Auxere Complete “Motley Crew” hard mode
23 Warrior Crusader Complete “Sewers” hard mode
15 Corpses Behemoth Complete “River of Blood” hard mode
24 Crossbowman Crusader Complete “Tortured Souls” hard mode
17 Psychic Commander Complete “World War 2” normal or simple mode
25 Child Crusader Complete “Crusades” normal or simple mode
19 Flamethrower Break 100 enemies into pieces!
20 Grenadier Kill 100 enemies with ghost bullets
21 Sir Richard de Gray Complete “Out of the Frying Pan” hard mode
26 Bishop Malthus St. Claire Complete “Crusades” normal or simple mode
27 Centurion Textius Longinus Complete “Decadence” hard mode without being incapacitated
28 Governor Cassus Vicus Complete “Rome” normal or simple mode
29 Legionary Complete “The Low Road” hard mode
30 Blind Behemoth Complete “Morituri te salutant” hard mode
31 Gladiator Complete “Temple of Pain” hard mode
32 Antadurunnu Complete “The God Seal” hard mode
33 Enlil Complete the “Spiritual Guide” hard mode
34 Inanna Complete “Skin” hard mode
35 Ki Complete “Flesh” hard mode
36 Ninlil Complete “Skin” hard mode
37 Nanna Complete the “Blood” hard mode
38 Utu Complete the “Blood” hard mode
39 Sumerian Puppet Complete “Flesh” hard mode
40 Pyxis Prima Complete “Sumeria” normal or simple mode
42 The Jericho Team Complete “Rivers of Blood” hard mode
43 Operation: Godseal Complete “Exorcism” hard mode
25 Child Crusader Complete “Imperium” hard mode
18 Machinegunner Kill 250 enemies with ghost bullets
16 OSS British Commandos Break 250 enemies into pieces!
14 The Firstborn Kill 250 enemies with melee attacks
13 Flying Cultist 250 headshots

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