Civilization cheats

Civilization cheats

Civilization cheats

Cheat Mode

On the right side of your Screen during gameplay there is a tab that reads “Screens”. Click that then click options. There will be a button that says “Cheat Mode” (does NOT work on hotseat, email, or multiplayer games). Click the button and it will prompt you that the points for your game will not be saved. Hit ok. It will the prompt you to read the terms of service. Hit i agree. then the screen will pop up with several diferent options such as: Pollution, Set LOCS, Start Locs, Show Map, Terrain, Gold, Tile Improvements, Public Works, Edit City, Unit/City Edit, and others.

Full Map

While playing a game, press [Shift] + 5 + 6, then select any location on the map.

Random Enemy Leaders

Press [Alt] + R.

Cheat Mode

While playing a game, hold [Shift] and type 1234567890 to enable cheat mode. This allows you to view enemy cities, unfortify their units, sell their improvements, rearrange their resources, and view the power chart and the replay.

Unlimited Turns

Move every unit except for one. Then, save and quit the game. Reload the game to start with your turn will all units that last moved still in position and able to move again.



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