Civilization 3 cheats

Civilization 3 cheats

Civilization 3 cheats

See The Map

Save your game under “multi”. Re-load and the map will be fully shown.

Long Range Artillery

With artillery click on move units of the same type then click on bombard – you can now select any square on the map and destroy improvements! Unfortunately you can’t use it to hit enemy units or cities but it can be helpful to disrupt enemy supply lines.

Axis Powers Have Friends!

Do NOT attack the enemy if you don’t have the men to finish the war. Remember – YOUR ENEMIES HAVE FRIENDS. You don’t want to line up your men in one spot just to get hit from behind!!

A Good Defense

If you want to have a good defense for good protection and a powerful army then don’t put that many military units on your capital. Try putting your capital in the middle of your town and try to expand enough to where you have only one nation on your border (this will be good because you will only have to put strong military units on one city, and it will be easier to attack a nation when you are ready to start your Domination Conquest. So remember.. ‘a good defense is ALWAYS a good offense’.

Rich Man

At any point in the game, speak to another civilization and demand 123456789 per turn. You will become very wealthy. Don’t let the power go to your head.

World Aid

Once you can place spys in other nations you can right click on there city’s and change there production and then pay to hurry it. You have to have a spy in the nation to do this. I would only help those who are alled to protect you. Unless you want to help the enmey get big for a huge world war.

Trade For Tons-O-Cash

Offer to trade with a civ that needs something you have (i.e. coal), then ask them for a rediculous amount of money per turn (example…trade coal for 2, followed by as many zeros as you can type, gold per turn). This will last for the length of the trade agreement. Be careful however, once your money reaches a certain level, it will reset itself to zero, but will keep giving you the money per turn as long as the trade agreement is still in effect. And voila!!, endless cash!!!

Lots And Lots Of Money

When signing a peace treaty with any other civilization, ask them for 999999999 gold per turn. (Thats nine 9’s.) They will be more than willing to pay that much to you. Only watch out how much you take in. Because if your gold total reaches a certain point it will reset at zero. But don’t worry more gold will appear next turn. (If the peace trety is still in order.)

Trick Other Civilizations Into Giving You Money.

Start a new game or open a saved file, then bring up the diplomacy screen for any one of your neighbors.(if you start a new game you have to find a civilization first!) Then declare WAR. Try to talk to them again.(This may take a few turns because they will be mad at you) When you can talk to them ask for PEACE and click on the GOLD PER TURN option on THEIR screen and input 9999999, or until you cant put any more 9’s in. Wait for 2 turns and then declare WAR on them again. If you did it right you should have 2 billion gold

Reveal Entire Map And Resources

Save the game. Include the word multi in the saved game name. Load the game you just saved. You now can now see the entire map and all resources.

The Best Way To Win

The best way to win is to get your scientific team crakin, (You want to be in the Modern age by 1950), build the UN and having a lot of cities. You never want to have America as your rival of they will try to conquor you as soon as they can. My favorite race to use are the Aztecs because they have a good military and they never rebel during political revolutions (note: that is if you have the 1.17f patch).


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