Chicago 1930 game cheats

Chicago 1930 game cheats

Chicago 1930 game cheats

Press [F11] in the game to enter the following cheats:


Cheats Effect
GHOST Invisible
DISPLAY Show all NPCs on the map
BINGO Unlimited ammo
WINNER Skip to the next level
IMMUNITY Undead mode
BLOOD Bloodier
WEAPON Get weapons
MATRIX slow motion
CHROMA Change character color
OPTIMIZE Optimize memory
CESTLAZONE Show script area
CAMPAIGN Loading the campaign
I AM THE WINNER Win the battle
PCSIGHT Show character viewpoint
LIGHT Show light area
REPORT Complete battle statistics report
SEEKANDDESTROY Show all discovery points?
SARKOZY Memory allocation
LUKAS Eliminate roles
WAKEUP Activate selected NPC
ALARM Reinforcements
AI Display AI information
STATUS PC Show all game characters
STATUS SHADOW Show cache information
STATUS HARDWARE Display hardware information
STATUS FRAMECACHE Display cache system information
SPHERE Show shadow
SHADOW Show shadow
SAN PETRUS Selected characters go to heaven
ROTER ALARM All NPCs are alert
RAILROAD Show railway
PROJECTION Show all 3D areas
PAMELA ANDERSON The soldier becomes dumb
NUKE Kill all enemies
NOISE Show character noise range
MOTION Show barriers and doors
MORPHEUS Eliminate selected NPC
MISTER SANDMAN Hypnotize all characters
LOOSE mission failed
LEVEL TEXT Show current campaign content
LAST MAN STANDING Can’t select NPCs in Honolulu?
AWARE Show all NPCs
HONOLULU Choose NPC to go to Honolulu?
HIGHLANDER2 All opponents become invincible
HIGHLANDER All characters are invincible
HELP Show help
HADES Kill the selected NPC
GOLDENEYE All characters are invisible
FULLHOUSE All characters get ammo
FREEZE Freeze all NPCs
FORGET Check memory status
FPS Display FPS
EZB Add money cheats
EULER Show graphics path
ELEVATION Show front view
EINSTEIN Show all 3D obstacles
DIES IRAE Divine intervention
COMPANIES Show the company number
CALL Call the active role method?
BUD SPENCER Stun the enemy
BIG BROTHER Show role information
BABYLON Show all NPC conversations

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