Chex Quest cheats

Chex Quest cheats

Chex Quest cheats


When playing the game type in these codes:

allen – radiation suit

andrewbenson – invulnerability

charlesjacobi – no clipping

davidbrus – god mode

deanhyers – strength

digitalcafe – all map

joelkoenigs – bootspork and “eat chex”

kimhyers – position on map

marybregi – invisibility

mikekoenigs – all ammo

scottholman – all ammo and keys

sherrill – additional map info

Hidden Room #2

On Lv.1 go to the landing area with two hangers next to each other, go in the one to the right. There should be a white wall divided into three sections. In the third press space and you get a bowl of vegetables.


Mix With Doom

To play the game in a Doom-like standard, replace the WAD files with those from Doom, Final Doom, or Doom 2. Note: The opposite can also be done.


Aliens Attacking Each Other

Enable the andrewbenson code and go to level 2. Go out just barely and wait for a Flemoid to appear. Then. run back to the room and go in a corner. The room will soon be filled with Flemoids. Two should be attacking you. Break free from the corner and watch as two aliens attack each other to the death.



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