Chaos Legion game guide

The following is the keyboard application method:
F attack D big move (the so-called summoned beast skill)
S Jumping Space Summoned Beast E Lightning (can limit the movement speed of the enemy and absorb a very small amount of magic)
Up, down, left and right on the keyboard are: direction
END Map Pgon Switch Summoned Beast

Let me talk about it from my first experience:
First of all, the open BBOS is actually very easy to play. If the monster is larger, you can attack it sideways, so that it will not attack you~ The summoned beast I have been using is the first level for you and the bow and arrow beast to fight BOOS. Don’t rush to attack, pay attention to the loopholes that the BOSS can’t hit in each level, and you can do it in one fell swoop. Just use the summoned beasts to fight the first 4 levels.

Summoned beast upgrades are very important. The first quantity, the second is the attack skill, and the third is the skill bestowed by the beast. The remaining 2 have not been researched and have not added experience gems. Level 1 is 10.000 and level 2 is 50.000. In each level After that, the third option can be used, and each level up summon can also get the corresponding beast experience value;
The hidden doors of the next few closes cannot be opened. The doors that cannot be opened are marked with a sign. If it is a silver hand, use “force”. If it is an orange ball with three round holes, it can be opened with an “explosion” god. (The door can also be locked). The doors on the cliff are all “explosive” attributes, and they are exploded with explosive stunts on the opposite side of the door.


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