Castlevania Symphony of the Night PC version game cheats

Castlevania Symphony of the Night PC version game cheats

Castlevania Symphony of the Night PC version game cheats:
Out of Town Law 1:
Use Richter to re-open the game, press and hold down the left side while LOADING, and then when the LOADING finishes GAME, when the gate is almost closed, press the jump button madly, if successful, Richter will jump out of the gate, but cannot enter .
Out of the city: 2: At the top of the elevator, use the two-handed sword to rush forward at the same time and press it, and you will be squeezed out of the city.
hidden commands
Press ↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, ←, →, ←, →, ×, O in the title screen, then you can freely set the time in the game; in addition, press L1 or R1 in the title screen to select ARRANGE MODE , Then you can choose different tones to play the game.
In addition to the above hidden commands, there are two hidden modes in the game, namely TIME ATTACK and RANKING. To make these two modes appear simple, the method is to complete the game once, and then these two options will be Appears in the title screen. In TIME ATTACK, players can freely choose one of the levels to proceed, and the completion time will be recorded in RANKING.
Use standard protagonists
Enter the signature of “RICHTER” at the beginning of the game, and you can use the standard protagonist of the Castlevania series in the game. He has powerful attack power and special skills, but he cannot perform job transfers or rely on magic devices.
keep the original equipment
Enter the signature of “AXEARMOR” at the beginning of the game, and you can keep a series of equipment of the original hero in the game.
got father’s cloak
The chair under the library can be opened with ↓↑. After 1 round, 16 rounds, 24 rounds, and 64 rounds, you can get different props in Devil’s City after clearing the level. After 24 rounds, you can get different items. Ancestral cloak of a vampire.
The luckiest vampire
Entering the signature of “XX!V”Q” at the beginning of the game will make the protagonist in the game have a high level of luck (99), and the probability of getting advanced items is greatly increased, but other abilities become very low Up.
props composed of red, green and blue balls
In the game, you can get a prop consisting of red, green and blue balls. Although unremarkable. But when LUCK is very high (99+20), most attacks can be avoided. (Accepted by its shadow) But it is not invincible. If you change LUCK to 999+20, you won’t be afraid of any attacks. In this case, things like stab armor are useless at all. Although it is shameless, you can still experience it.
incredible little sword
At the bottom right of the True Castlevania, about 1-2 hours after the start of the game, you can find the “incredible sword”, which is the right direction of the room where the mermaid keeps appearing from the beginning, but the dark road here starts from the left. The square cannot be opened, and it must go in a large circle from above to right.
I remember it was obtained after breaking a vase. After being equipped, press down-forward oblique down-forward-attack button, the “incredible little sword” will automatically find the enemy to attack, and the attack power is average. During this period, the character cannot move until the “incredible little sword” returns to the character. Completely invincible during the period, not afraid of any attribute attacks!

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