Captain Claw game cheats

Captain Claw game cheats

Captain Claw game cheats

Enter the following cheats in the game to get the corresponding effect:

mpkfa⇒God mode
mpfps⇒View frame rate
mppos⇒View coordinates s
mpstopwatch⇒View time
mpspooky⇒claw invisible
mphaunted⇒The enemy is invisible
mpwimpy⇒Claw becomes weak
mpbunz⇒Claw is stronger
mpplayallday⇒Infinite life
mpjordan⇒Super jump
mpsuperthrow⇒Super throw
mploaded⇒Full ammo
mpapple⇒full life
mpcasper⇒Invisible mode
mppenguin⇒Ice Sword
mpfranklin⇒Electric sword
mphotstuff⇒Fire Sword
mpfreak⇒Catnip mode
mpgandalf⇒Full of magic
mpblaster⇒Full of explosives
mpgandolf⇒Full of magic
mpcultist⇒Increase enemy speed
mptwinturbo⇒Acceleration (valid for v1.2)
mplongrange⇒Double attack range (valid in v1.2)
mpeasymode⇒Simple mode (available in v1.2)
Jumping Cheats

Jumping Cheats⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Function
mpscully⇒ jump off
mpmoulder⇒Return to the previous level
mpcheesesauce⇒Skip to level 1
mpexactly⇒Skip to level 2
mpracerohboy⇒Jump to level 3
mpbuddywhat⇒Skip to level 4
mpmugger⇒Skip to level 5
mpgoofcycle⇒Skip to level 6
mprotarypower⇒Skip to level 7
mpshibshank⇒Skip to level 8
mpwhyzedf⇒ jump to level 9
mpsuperhawk⇒Skip to level 10
mpjobnumber⇒Skip to level 11
mplistenandlearn⇒Skip to level 12
mpyeahright⇒ Jump to level 13
mpclawteamrulez⇒Skip to level 14

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