Call of Duty: World at War game cheats

First press the “~” key to call out the console. If you can’t call up the console, find Enable Console in the game options and select YES
Then enter “devmap mak” and note that there is a space between the two words, mak is the map name
Re-enter commands for each level
If you want to play the first level, it is devmap mak
If you want to play the second level, devmap peL1
And so on
After restarting, press the “~” key to call out the console, enter the command to get the corresponding effect:
notarget=The enemy ignores you
noclip=through wall
give all=Give all weapons (very incomplete)
mapname=Unknown effect

The first level is called mak
The second level, the map is named peL1
The third level is called peL2
The fourth level is called sniper
Level 5 The map is named seeL
Level 6 The map is named peL1a
The seventh level, the map is named peL1b
Level 9 The map is named ber1
The tenth level is called ber2
Level 12 The map is named oki2
Level 13 The map is named oki3
Level 14 The map is named ber3
Level 15 The map is named ber3b
Zombie level map is named nazi_zombie_proototype
In addition, if you think the sound effect is poor, you can enter the map command for the first time
Then enter \snd_global_attenuation 0

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