Call of Duty Roads to Victory Game Cheats (PSP)

Call of Duty Roads to Victory Game Cheats PSP

Call of Duty Roads to Victory Game Cheats (PSP)

After completing all the battles (the battle is divided into 3 parts. The United States = 7 levels, Canada = 4 levels, and the United Kingdom = 3 levels):

Unlimited ammo: complete recruit difficulty

Infinite Grenades: Complete Veteran Difficulty

Unlimited life: complete difficult difficulty

Complete the highest difficulty VETERAN, there will be a choice whether to enter survival mode.

The highest difficulty VETERAN is completed, and the hidden guns are unlocked. They are FG-42 and Bren LMG. They can be used in VETERAN difficulty, but the difficulty is greatly improved.

How to use the archive:

Load the archive in the game Load Campaign, select Resume Campaign to enter and you can choose to close. If you want to turn on the cheating mode, enter Game Cheats and open the corresponding option.


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