Call of Duty: Black Ops game cheats

1. Turn on the game console

Find the config.cfg file under the player in the COD7 game directory, open it with WordPad, and

seta monkeytoy “1”

Change to

seta monkeytoy “0”

Save and set the read-only attribute of config.cfg (right mouse button => attribute => read-only => OK).

Then press ~ in the game to open the console, enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect:

Cheats function
/god invincible mode
/demigod “Demigod” mode
/give ammo get ammo
/noclip through the wall mode
/ufo flight mode
/give all get all weapons
/g_speed # set player speed
# Is any number The default is 190
/player_sustainammo 1 unlimited ammo

2. Set the hotkey to activate the cheats:

Find the config.cfg file in the game directory player, open it with WordPad, and add the following content below the first line // generated by Call of Duty, do not modify:

Note: Do not open config.cfg with Notepad.

seta thereisacow “1337”
set sv_cheats “1”
set cg_fov “90”

Add below bind G “+frag”:

bind I “notarget”
bind O “god”
bind P “give ammo”
bind U “ufo”
bind J “jump_height 150”
bind K “give all”
bind L “noclip”

In addition: change bind MOUSE1 “+attack” in the file to bind MOUSE1 “+attack;give ammo” to get unlimited bullets

Save, the last step: change config.cfg to read-only attribute (right mouse button => attribute => read-only => OK), and then re-enter the game.

Cheats effect:

After completing the above work, press the following keys in the game to get the corresponding effect:

Hotkey Function
Press I invisible mode
Press O invincible mode
Press P to get ammunition
Press U UFO
Press J to super jump (maximum is 999)
Press K for all weapons
Press L to go through the wall mode
The above related functions can also be realized by modifiers.

Window mode implementation method: change seta r_fullscreen “1” to seta r_fullscreen “0”

Tips on how to read the archive: every time you start the game, go to the setting option, go back to the main menu, enter the campaign, and you will see the resume, and you can continue to play the previous archive normally, which is not too troublesome.

3. The computer for the interrogation (Easter egg)

In the main interface of the game, move the mouse down and you will see a person tied to a chair (picture below)


At this time, press the space bar (Handle LT + RT) and the character will break free from the chair. There is a computer behind the seat on the right. Press F to use and enter the following password to get the corresponding effect:

Cheats function
cat open file command
cd list directory
clear is clear screen
dir will display the file directory in the computer
Then use cat space file name to open
decode decodes the encrypted string
encode is the encoded string
exit means exit
help will show all command menus
login login, corresponding to exit exit
mail is to view mail
rlogin re-login to the system
who lists the current system user list
zerk is a small game of ashes level
doa horizontal version to fight zombies
Press the mouse to start, press ESC to select QUIT to exit the game
3arc unlock opens the other two zombie maps

1. Press ESC to exit the computer interface.

2. Press the space character against the original option screen interface to return to the chair and start the game.

The solution to the game stuck:

Find cg_invalidCmdHintBlinkInterval in config.cfg and change the following number to: 2048 (the original parameter is 600)

Find cg_invalidCmdHintDuration in config.cfg and change the following number to: 0 (default: 1800)

(This method is applicable to any version of config.cfg and config_mp.cfg files of Call of Duty)

The official solution: seta r_multithreaded_device changed to 1

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