Call of Duty 6 game cheats

Call of Duty 6 game cheats

Call of Duty 6 game cheats:
Open the config.cfg file (or Config_sp.cfg) in the Modern Warfare 2\players folder in the game directory, open it with Notepad, and add three lines at the end
Set developer “1”
Set sv_cheats “1”
Seta thereisacow “1337”
then add a cheat code
such as bind H “god”
is invincible by pressing the H button in the game
You can add a few more lines as long as you modify the keys.
Below are all the cheating codes, just bind the buttons by yourself according to the method mentioned above.
Bind button “god”-invincible
bind button “ufo”-flying
bind button “Noclip”-through the wall
bind button “give ammo”-full bullet
Bind button “jump_height XXX”-Jump height XXX supports up to three digits
Bind button “notarget”-NPC mode is ignored by the enemy
Bind button “give all”-get all weapons (press 1 or 2 to select weapons, including Colt, M21, MP5, and M16A4 Grenadier)
Bind button “timescale 0.1”-set game speed to 10%
Bind button “timescale 0.3”-set game speed to 20%
Bind button “timescale 0.5”-set game speed to 50%
Bind button “timescale 1”-set the game speed to 100% (add the above speed control, don’t forget to add 100 to the normal speed)
Remarks: You may need to reopen every time you pass the level. You can use the invincible effect to determine whether you need to reopen. If you press the invincible and display god mod on, it will show that you need to reopen all the cheats.

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