Caesar 4 game cheats

Caesar 4 game cheats

Caesar 4 game cheats:
1. Press the enter key in the game and type “denarii 80000” in the box, your money will become 80,000, how much you lose, there is no limit to the number of times, whether there is an upper limit on the amount is not clear
2. Press the enter key in the game, and type “savings 80000” in the box, and your personal deposit will become 80,000. How much you lose, and the number of times is unlimited. It is not clear whether there is an upper limit
3. Press enter in the game, type “win” in the box, pass the level haha
4. Press enter in the game and type “jupeter” in the box to prevent Jupiter from getting angry
Caesar 4 parameter modification:
1. In the languagetext.xml file in the game directory, right-click to edit it, search for “you cheated”, and delete this line! ! ! See you dare to say that I cheated! (As long as you pass the level, you can search and delete it)
2, modify the MilitaryConstants.txt file in the Data directory:
All the above 2 items are changed to 20000. The super slow thing like a ballista makes it slower. Can we not use a ballista?
All the above 2 items are changed to 200. How to defend without a ballista? We have something invincible Niu X—city management!
3. With a gun, we need money! Want food! VIP! ! ! How?
Modify the NewConstants.txt file in the Data directory:
First of all, if there are bugs, everyone is unhappy, so solve them first:
Search: EmpireLevel/TradeRoutePolys;bool;1?
The above is changed to 0, that is to say: EmpireLevel/TradeRoutePolys;bool;0
Okay, no bugs, just grab the money:
Treasury/Property Tax/Level1;int;0
After all the above changes are 200, the money will be grabbed! My city has high salaries (21 for migrant workers, 26 for knights). The transaction tax is only 2%, and the land tax is only 4%. All people are happy. Haha!
All the above are changed to 1000, food and everything are available. Just building one of everything is enough to waste the whole city. Save a lot of labor!
The factory’s production is not strong and it is dyingly slow, what should I do?
Production/TimeBetweenUpdates;int;1000 is changed to 1. Before I can see it, the soil becomes ceramic and wood becomes furniture, and magic is not so fast! Instant production! Cool!
I also know that talent is very important, but the problem is not even a person, what should I do?
Migration/NoMigrationTime;int; 120000 becomes 500
Housing/Appeal/MoveoutWeeks;int;12 becomes 1
Everyone rushed to live in my city. Happy!
I have money, food and other things, and people, so what else is there to do? Of course it is to please the boss! The promotion will depend on it soon.
Favor/YearlyModification; float; -1 is changed to 100, no need to bribe the boss, he observes you after a year and thinks you are the best X, promote you!
At the last time, I still need to optimize the city to make it more convenient for me to build and make me more comfortable.
The current pump house should be more advanced, pumping groundwater. We build whatever we want!
WaterCollectionGoal/Radius;float;150 changed to 900
Pumphouse/DistanceFromWater;int;6 changed to 900
After shoveling away something, it will take a long time to disappear? Unhappy, let’s speed up!
Shovel/UndoMilliseconds;int;2000 becomes 500
Optimize various personnel to make their work more efficient:
TGoalWanderAbout/UpdateInterval;int;8000 to 500
TGoalGoHomeAndRest/TimeToRest;int; 20000 becomes 500
Employee/DepartureInterval;int;6000 to 500
Praefect/Patrol/SlacknessPercentage;int;50 to 100
ShowAttendantSpawnLeadMilliseconds;int;10000 to 500
TGoalBurnDamage/DamagePerWeek;int;10 becomes 1
TGoalStructureDamage/DamagePerWeek;int;10 becomes 1
TGoalExtinguishFires/RepairPerWeek;int;50 to 100
Guard/Patrol/MinRadius;int;5 to 10
Guard/Patrol/MaxRadius;int;15 to 30
Guard/Patrol/MaxDistanceFromHome;int;20 to 30
Guard/Patrol/HangoutDuration;int;3000 becomes 30000

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