Caesar 2 game cheats

Caesar 2 game cheats

Caesar 2 game cheats

Caesar game cheats:

Unbreakable wall:
Use the well to create an unbreakable wall.

Caesar 2 game cheats:

Speed up:

Press and hold A while in “City” or “Province” mode.

Create the “Plague”:

Select Build Prefecture and click the right mouse button. Everyone in this house will be infected by the plague.

Use land to create more value:

At the beginning of the game, build many gardens and parks, and the land will appreciate rapidly.

Modify money:

Modify the save file ?.SAV, the address of the money is DISP 329E0C to DISP 329E0E.

Game cheats:

Enter the following string in tarmac to get the corresponding cheats:

arloeisenberg ⇒ full health;
chrisedwards ⇒ get all weapons.

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