Bus Driver game cheats

Bus Driver game cheats

Bus Driver game cheats
Open the map editor:
My Documents\Bus Driver can find the config.cfg file and open it with Notepad. Change the 0 in uset g_console “0” to 1 and save it after entering the game again
Press ~ and enter edit bus1 to open the editor.
Road and money cheats:
First find the profile1.dat file in the /data/ directory of the game, and open it with Notepad. (Hint: Please make a backup before modification)
1. Open all buses and tracks:
Change all -1 in the profile1.dat file to 0 to save, and re-enter the game.
2, modify money
The second line is that everyone wants to modify the money, modify it to the amount you want, be careful not to be too large, and re-enter the game after saving.

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