Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box Game Cheats

When playing, press START to pause the game, press R1 until a dialog box appears, enter the cheats

Cheats for the US version: (1) Enter WALMART, (you first need a paradise driver’s license to use this car)
(2) Enter CIRCUITCITY, (you need a class A driver’s license)
(3) Enter BESTBUY, (you need a class A driver’s license)
(4) Enter GAMESTOP, (you need a class A driver’s license)
(5) Enter U84D 3Y8K FY8Y 58N6 or E165 6L1Q ZQ2H 10V3 or E60J 8Z7T MS8L 51U6 (you need a driver’s license)

European version cheats: enter Z891 4K88 IN25 79AA (you need a driver’s license)

French version cheat: input H211 1Z99 1Z00 00BB

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