Brutal Paws of Fury game cheats

Brutal Paws of Fury game cheats

Brutal Paws of Fury game cheats

When selecting the Order Form, type YOYOYO to enter the cheating mode, and type the following string to use the following secrets:

Cheats effect
AOFREOIO Open all bonus houses
EATEE Make the monster not deform
EHRTRR Automatic flight in the bonus house
ERHNE Bonus house all open
ERHYHRLY Weaken Toadman
ITIHFO Best-of-three
NHAENRH1 1P unlimited ammo
NHAENRH2 2P ammo unlimited
OAOAEIOA Activate automatic flight mode in the laboratory
OFOVH Double the time for bonus house
OIVNNFOF Attack Tadpoles in the laboratory
ORUFO Have the best invisible effect in the bonus room

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