Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood game cheats

Please save and open EiB.ini in C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Gearbox Software\BrothersInArmsEiB\System

found [Engine.Console]

ConsoleKey=0 Change the number to 192 —-> to turn on the console (but the same action is required every time you enter and exit the game)

EXTRAS into the game catalog

Press the ~ key (the key to the left of number 1)

open the console

Enter UNLOCK CHEAT (or UNLOCK CHEATS if you forget it, try it)

Effect: 1. The level is fully open

2. “OLD MOVIE” can be opened

3. Can open “INFINITE AMMUNITION”, unlimited ammo

(the bullet is stored in the ammunition soldier, press the F key near the ammunition soldier)

4. “AUTHENTIC” real mode can be turned on

5. “SUPER SQUAD” mode can be turned on

input in the console effect

God invincible (no blood loss on hit)

Allammo infinite ammunition (infinitely different from the “INFINITE AMMUNITION ammunition” in the system key above, allammo ammunition is stored on your own body)

Allweapons Just one more Springfield rifle

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