Broken Sword 5 The Serpent’s Curse tips (PS4)

Broken Sword 5 The Serpents Curse tips PS4

Broken Sword 5 The Serpent’s Curse tips (PS4)

George Stobbart interview (Part 2)
When controlling Nico at Castell Dels Sants, open the door of the car found near the goat. Use Nico’s press card on to the radio nine times to listen to a fan interviewing George Stobbart.

Easy “Joey” trophy
There is a painted glass next to the Le Lizard Bleu immediately after the tree. On that glass is a small yellow robot named “Joey”, a character from Beneath A Steel Sky. Select him six times with George and Nico at the following points:

When you can leave the gallery just after the murder.
When Nico returns to the gallery and Moue is there.
After you return from Vera Security as George.
When you are Nico and allow Marques into the Adam’s apartment.
When Navet calls you to come to the gallery.
After you get the keys for the gallery from Bijou.
Easy “Local Call” trophy
While playing as Nico at Castell del Sants, enter the old car where you found the mirror. Use your press card on the radio to get the “Local Call” trophy.

Easy “Super-Charged Potpourri Easter Egg” trophy
While making the potpourri, combine wood shavings, flowers, and eud de toilette before burning it to get the “Super-Charged Potpourri Easter Egg” trophy.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Ultimate Adventurer (Platinum): Tracked down all trophies.
Notorious P.U.G (Gold): Found all the hidden pugs in the neighbour’s apartment.
Joey (Silver): Found all hidden Joeys.
Hidden Goat (Silver): Found the hidden goat.
I Call It The Dreamatorium (Bronze): Won a battle in your own mind.
Local Call (Gold): Chilled out to Radio Yorkshire.
Super-Charged Potpourri (Silver): Nearly made Pearl faint with heavenly delight.
Best buddies (Gold): Chatted to the goat.
Additionally, there are 27 secret trophies:

Oh my God it’s a Mirage! (Bronze): Found evidence of sabotage.
Breaking the Seal (Bronze): Sent Moue to the bathroom.
Chasing your Tail (Bronze): Discovered the Ouroboros.
Brand is Everything (Bronze): Helped Bassam to name his business.
Roll ’em Up (Bronze): Opened the shutter to Vera Security.
Ink Trail (Bronze): Spotted the murderer’s tattoo.
Suited and Fluted (Bronze): Spilt champagne on Laine.
Russian Evolution (Bronze): Discovered Medovsky’s address.
Count Leo has the Answer (Bronze): Opened Medovsky’s secret drawer.
Water of Life (Bronze): Got Hobbs drunk.
CSI: Deluded (Bronze): Fixed the forensic machine.
Boogie Nights (Bronze): Danced with Bijou.
Diamond Geezer (Bronze): Cut your way out of the office.
Fountain of Youth (Bronze): Presented the Manneken Pis to Moue.
No Parlo el Catala (Bronze): Decrypted Hobbs’ map.
The Mystery Deepens (Gold): Completed part 1.
Order of the Goat (Gold): Outwitted the goat.
Bons Hommes (Bronze): Found the route the fleeing Cathars took.
X Marks the Spot (Bronze): Discovered the hiding place of Tabula Veritatis.
Hot Wire (Bronze): Got the cable car working.
The Truth to the Grave (Silver): Found the Tablet of Truth.
Gravity Depravity (Bronze): Got rid of the guards blocking your path.
Philosophy 101 (Bronze): Persuaded Shears to help you.
Balance (Bronze): Have a dream.
Cry Havoc! (Bronze): Let slip the goats of war.
What Just Happened There? (Gold): Saved the world!




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