Broken Age tips (PS4)

Broken Age tips PS4

Broken Age tips (PS4)

8-bit mode
At the options menu, set the screen resolution to the lowest setting. Then, select “Key Remapping”, and a new icon with Shay and Vella will appear in the lower-right corner. Assign a key for the new icon. Press the assigned key while playing the game to display the game in retro 8-bit graphics.

Easy “Eh, eh-eh. Eh eh, eh-eh!” trophy
This can be done at any time while playing as Shay and having the Hexibot in your inventory. Each individual solution varies because the game generates a new solution to the wiring each time. Make the following symbols appear:

Blue: Triangles pointing left and right, triangles pointing up and down.
Yellow: Triangles pointing left and right, triangles split into thirds.
Red: Triangles pointing left and right, colored in triangle upside down.
The only thing that always is the same is that all three wires will originate from the same source. Check your progress by using the charge station.

Easy “How’d I Do?” trophy
Talk to the tree after the “Pete the pine tree” successful joke to get the “How’d I Do?” trophy.

Easy “Is Something Wrong?” trophy
With Shay in Act 1, when the spoon tells you to eat some cereal, do not eat anything to get the “Is Something Wrong?” trophy.

Easy “Not Good With Directions” trophy
With Vella in Act 1, leave Curtis’ house, then move to the left until you are attacked by the snake. Do not free Vella; just wait until the cutscene begins to get the “Not Good With Directions” trophy.

Easy “No Retreat” trophy
With Vella in Act 2, while locked in the room with Hope, complete the puzzle where you must move the Hexapal from the airlock room to yourself without the Hexapal ever walking back to get the “No Retreat” trophy. You can save manually while in the ship’s camera by popping a light. Save the game by doing this after you get the Hexapal to a new room without it walking back.

Easy “Picky Eater” trophy
With Shay at the beginning of Act 1, refuse all the cereals to get the “Picky Eater” trophy.

Easy “Produce Distributor” trophy
With Vella in Act 1, take a fruit from the tree in Meriloft. Allow Vella to eat it. Then, take another fruit and give it to Curtis, the lumberjack, to get the “Produce Distributor” trophy.

Easy “Question Your Elders” trophy
Exhaust Vella’s grandparents dialogue trees to get the “Question Your Elders” trophy.

Easy “Sick Of Fish” trophy
With Shay in Act 2, after untying Lightbeards knot, F’ther will take him to the girl from Meriloft who was not selected by Mog Chothra. Talk to Lightbeard three times to get the “Sick Of Fish” trophy.

Easy “Turn That Frown Upside Down” trophy
With Vella in Act 2, while using the ship’s cameras, select all the sad faces you find to turn them into happy faces and get the “Turn That Frown Upside Down” trophy.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

3.3 (Platinum): Unlock all Broken Age trophies.
Is Something Wrong? (Bronze): Make a Spoon Sweat.
Flawless Execution (Silver): Complete all rescue missions with zero errors.
Inhibited (Bronze): Inhibit a powerful entitiy.
Gary Has His Reasons (Silver): Hear 20 reasons why Gary won’t grab that.
Doomed (Bronze): Travel to a forbidden location.
Question Your Elders (Silver): Learn all you can about Sugar Bunting.
She’s Doomed Us All (Bronze): Escape the Maidens Feast.
Make Up for Some Hygiene Demerits (Bronze): Get to know someone in a precarious position.
Mother and Child Reunion (Bronze): Reunite a mother and child.
Something Not Light About Her (Bronze): Leave an isolated town.
Produce Distributor (Silver): Feed two different people a healthy snack.
Not Good with Directions (Bronze): Endure a tight situation as long as you can.
Are You Trying to Get Rid of Me? (Silver): Find 30 unique reactions to the Spoon.
Get Hyper (Bronze): Return a missing spaceship part.
Knot Too Difficult (Silver): Clear up a tangled situation in one attempt.
“My Lightness!” (Bronze): Return a heavy duty spaceship part.
Sick of Fish (Bronze): Visit someone in jail.
“What’s up with all the feathers?” (Bronze): Commission a custom garment.
“I’ll bet the undercarriage on this baby is shot.” (Bronze): Get a family member’s help on a big project.
Make Like a Tree and Laugh (Silver): Tell a great joke in one attempt.
How’d I Do? (Bronze): Follow up on a successful performance.
“And, they do windows!” (Bronze): Find a genius.
“What can I say? I know boots.” (Silver): Answer some tough questions quickly.
There Is Hope (Bronze): Get to the ship’s brain.
No Retreat (Silver): Execute a PERFECT escape.
“That kind of thing can be pretty convincing.” (Bronze): Get to know a stranger.
“Not everyone has the stomach for perfection.” (Bronze): Uncover an unsavory scheme.
We Talked That Fight Right Out of You (Bronze): Talk to the boss.
Greetings from Obvious Town (Bronze): Reconnect with some old friends.
Holy Smokes (Bronze): Deploy a weapon of mass destruction.
Go With Your Instincts (Bronze): Chart a course away from danger.
Unbroken (Gold): Complete Broken Age.
Let’s Get this Good Time Over With (Gold): Complete Broken Age in under an hour, not counting loading and paused gameplay.
Additionally, there are 11 secret trophies:

Picky Eater (Bronze): Examine all breakfast options.
Whoops! (Bronze): Disrupt Shay’s daily routine.
Armed (Bronze): Take Control of the Boom Arms.
Small Things Can Surprise You (Bronze): Take down Mog Chothra.
Please Don’t Tell Anyone (Silver): Complete Act 1 of Broken Age.
Turn That Frown Upside Down (Silver): Remove 8 sad faces from the Bassinostra.
Dammed (Silver): Complete Act 2 of Broken Age.
“Eh, eh-eh. Eh eh, eh-eh!” (Silver): Make someone strut their stuff.
He Must have a Reason (Silver): Stand up for someone even though you haven’t met him.
The Next Most Logical Course of Action (Silver): Start a group dance party.
She Must have a Reason (Silver): Stand up for someone even though you haven’t met her.


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