Borderlands game cheats

Modify WillowGame.ini

Find the WillowGame.ini file in My Documents\My Games\Borderlands\WillowGame\Config, and edit the following content with Notepad to get the corresponding effect:

Cheats function
Change the bDemiGodMode value to true invincible
Change the value of WeaponReadyMax to 44 weapon slots (example)
Increase the value of InventorySlotMax_Misc to increase the inventory
Change the value of bIgnoreFriendlyFire to false to shoot teammates without deduction of blood
Changing the value of bIgnoreNPCFriendlyFire to false will also damage blood between NPCs
Change the value of bBossesRegenHealthOnReset to true BOSS will not return blood
Change the value of bResurrectAllPlayersWhenOneDies to true and the teammate will automatically resurrect when they die
Save and re-enter the game to take effect.


Change WeaponReadyMax = 2 to WeaponReadyMax = 4 to get four guns in the game

Tip: It is strongly recommended that you back up the game archive file and WillowGame.ini before modifying.

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