Bonetown game cheats

Bonetown game cheats

Bonetown game cheats:
Remove the prompt picture in the game

Commonly used cheats:
Hold down the Shift key, then press “~” to open the console and enter the following cheats:
GoodTimes(gamechar): D product
VegasBaby(gamechar): money
SweetMoves(gamechar): open all skill restrictions
swingingbeef(gamechar): The ball is the largest and the blood is full
Alloftheabove(gamechar);: get the above effect
godlike (gamechar): invincible
Note: If the invincible bj is opened when the blood is dissatisfied, it will not increase the blood. Enter this cheat again to cancel the effect
Alloftheabove(gamechar): get all the cheats effects above
Remarks: The parentheses and gamechar in the cheats cannot be omitted. There is a question about children’s shoes: how to cancel the cheats after inputting the cheats, which is impossible because the cheats of Bone Town are all one-time cheats.

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