Boiling Point Road to Hell Game Cheats

Boiling Point Road to Hell Game Cheats

Boiling Point Road to Hell Game Cheats

Official cheats

Press “~” to call out the console and enter the following characters:

ADDHEALTH #⇒Add blood (# represents a number, the same below)
ADDARMOR #⇒Add armor
Quickly improve gang relations

There are snipers and bullets on the top of the highest building in the city. Hitting the police and government cars at night will reduce the relationship between the protagonist and the government, and increase the relationship with the Mafia and the Guallians. (Don’t do it during the day because it will irritate the citizens) It doesn’t matter if you have a relationship with the government. The government official (corrupt person) who enters the Black Panther bar and turns left at the first room will give him 500 to 4,000 yuan, which will increase your relationship with the government by 5 to 25. And it does not affect the relationship with other gangs. (I used a modifier to change the money) I can do anything with money.

I would like to ask you how to engage in relationships with other gangs. Respecting the old and loving the young can improve the relationship with the citizens, but this is too slow. Is there any other way? The relationship with the citizens is the most important, otherwise the old lady will throw grenade at you.

Flying experience

When the speed is above 30, you can take off (accelerate Q, decelerate z). When you test your driver’s license, it’s best to take off with the maximum horsepower and then turn your head. Don’t go straight to the bridge, diverge a little, because you need to turn your head to adjust. Fly from the port. When you see the sea, you can slow down. About 30 is enough. Now you should be heading towards the bridge hole, and then there is the height problem (W dive, S climb), high and low, grasp it yourself, and cross the bridge hole If there is a stall, it is a tendency to fall, accelerate and press S.

Then it’s returning home. The main problems are deceleration and altitude. If the speed of 25~30 drops slowly, it’s OK.

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