Blitzkrieg 2 game cheats

Blitzkrieg 2 game cheats

Blitzkrieg 2 game cheats:
Enter the game, press “~” to open the console
input (note the case and spaces): password Barbarossa
input: @Win(0) (Win directly)
@God(0,1) (invincible) or input: @God(0,2) (invincible + 1 shot to kill)
@God(0,0) (Close Invincible)
input: @ChangeWarFog(1) (map fully open)
@ChangeWarFog(0) (restore hidden)
1. Press the enter key after input
2.password “p” is lowercase, Barbarossa “B” is uppercase!
there is a space between password and Barbarossa
There is no space between @ and W and (and 0 and) in @Win(0)!
I reiterate one last sentence: pay attention to the case of letters and whether there are spaces.

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