Blade & Sword game cheats

Blade Sword game cheats

Blade & Sword game cheats

Activate cheats mode
In the game, press the Enter key (ie Enter) and a black bar will appear at the bottom of the game screen, and then enter `tianxiawudi (`key is ~ not “) in English and press Enter to activate the cheats mode.

In the game, you can get the corresponding cheats effect by pressing the key combination:

[CTRL] + [C]⇒Upgrade one level
[CTRL] + [Y] ⇒ teleport to the place pointed by the cursor;
[CTRL] + [H]⇒Turn off the instant movement effect of [CTRL] + [Y]
[CTRL] + [G]⇒Kill the selected enemy (one hit kills)
[CTRL] + [1]⇒Press [CTRL] + [G] again to make the monster disappear
[CTRL] + [2~5]⇒Display different death effects
[CTRL] + [P]⇒ is pause
[CTRL] + [T]⇒Copy selected items
[SHIFT] + [CTRL] + [T]⇒Display character model
[CTRL] + [L]⇒Unknown effect
[SHIFT] + [F11]⇒Continuous screenshots, SCREENSHOT files will appear in the game directory
[SHIFT] + [F8]⇒Different weather effects, press several times in a row, there will be different effects such as sunny and rainy days;
[SHIFT] + [F2]⇒Resolution, you can press continuously
[SHIFT] + [F1]⇒Display the running status of the game
[SHIFT] + [F3]⇒Display grid
[SHIFT] + [F4]⇒Adjust the color saturation of the game screen
[SHIFT] + [F10] ⇒ Change the clothes or armor worn by the character, and you will see different effects by pressing several times.
[CTRL] + [D]⇒The character switches to invisible state, press several times to restore.

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