Black Mirror 2 Reigning Evil cheats

Black Mirror 2 Reigning Evil cheats

Black Mirror 2 Reigning Evil cheats

How To Use Darren’s Camera

As is printed in the manual, use Darren’s camera by selecting it as an object and take pictures in the screen you are looking at. Not all areas can be photographed, though. Think like a detective and use the camera everywhere you think is important or that Darren is interested in. When you’ve taken a photograph that will unlock an “Extra” (Picture or Mini-Game), an icon will flash briefly in the top left of the screen. It looks like an open padlock. Save your game before exiting to the main menu to take a look. Note: You must click the camera on the “hot spot” for it to work. (Use the H key to highlight all spots in the screen)


Unlock All Extras

Add the following line to your “config.xml” located in the Black Mirror 2 Save folder.

[ Bonus]

[ Video Name=”ue_c23″ New=”0″/]

[ Video Name=”ue_c34″ New=”0″/]

[ Video Name=”ue_c45″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”1″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”2″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”3″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”4″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”5″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”6″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”7″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”8″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”9″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”10″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”11″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”12″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”13″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”14″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”15″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”16″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”17″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”18″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”19″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”20″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”21″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”22″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”23″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”24″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”25″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”26″ New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”27″ New=”0″/]

[ Video Name=”ue_c56″ New=”0″/]

[ Video Name=”ue_c66″ New=”0″/]

[ Minigame Name=”Piano” New=”0″/]

[ Minigame Name=”Letter” New=”0″/]

[ Minigame Name=”Phantom” New=”0″/]

[ Minigame Name=”Drehscheiben” New=”0″/]

[ Minigame Name=”BigHead” New=”0″/]

[ Image Idx=”0″ New=”0″/]

[ / Bonus] [ /Config]

Mini Games

Photofit (unlocked by photo of “manhunt” bulletin board in Police Station)

Letter (unlocked by photo of dumpster in the rain)

Piano (unlocked by photo of piano in the Welsh castle)

Turning discs (unlocked by photo of Music Box in Secret Room)

BigHead mode (unlocked by photo of Bobby blowing bubbles)

All The Pictures

* The wine glasses in Angelina’s Biddeford hotel room.

* The junk shop door when it’s not raining

* The doctor while he’s sitting in the cafe

* The policewoman (sitting in the police station)

* Reginald Boris (photo of corpse in locker)

* Street next to the clock tower in Willow Creek

* The beer glasses in the Willow Creek pub

* Murray at the Hotel in Willow Creek (after solving the puzzle in Angelina’s room)

* Door in the room in Wales where Darren was kept.

* Monolith Wales Castle

* Mirror in the secret room

* Family Tree in Black Mirror Castle

* Gate/grill near the end of game

* Water tank in sewer system

* Hole in mine shaft

* Fuller’s body in the morgue

* Fuller’s body’s chalk outline in the red room

* Body in bathroom

* Stone Head Academy Ruins

* People in Biba’s restaurant (unlocked when you finish the game)

* The spin drier in the backyard of the photos store when it’s not raining

* The ocean when it’s not raining (near the Biddeford post office)

* The fusebox in the cellar of Fuller’s store, after you change the fuse

* Statue outside the castle in Wales

* Stone Plinth in the Academy Ruins

* Burned Grass in the Academy Ruins

* Compressor in cellar of bunker


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