Bistro Cupid game cheats

Bistro Cupid game cheats

Bistro Cupid game cheats

Super kitchen skills

If Radu or the female actor has turned on the super kitchen skill (how many tricks are okay) and then choose 2 cards in a row when hunting, you can use the super kitchen skill. Note: The first super kitchen skill requires 2 cards, and the second trick It takes 3 cards, and the third lane takes 5 cards,

LEVEL skyrocket

Don’t go back to the window immediately after playing an ending, just start a new game, and then go hunting. Choose the female actor who has been hunting in the same progress last time. After the first hunting, the level will rise wildly, and it will probably rise up. About half of the time,

Calculating Method of Favorability

One heart is equal to 200 points. Basically, meeting a female actor in any place will increase your favorability by 10 points. 5 hearts can be married to the female actor!

How to save money

If you use LEVEL, you will have all the items from the last time. Choose some and sell them. It is best to choose more valuable ones. You can also reduce the salary to 0% for the waiters. When you have money, you will raise the salary with them. Don’t be afraid of high uncleanness!

Ways to reduce uncleanness

As long as you put more clean things, add more waiters or raise your salary, you can reduce the uncleanness.

Ways to increase favorability

At the beginning, the protagonist dreamed that someone called him, and the selected female characters would increase the affection degree. After arriving at the “Eros Restaurant”, the female characters who chose to talk would also increase the affection degree (it is best to choose all the options in the second line at that time). , Except Laisi). At the end, Nafen asked Radu if he would like to help. If you choose to agree to Nafen’s favorability, you will add more points. Note: After meeting the protagonist and the heroine in the “Eros Restaurant”, the protagonist will say “It seems that there is someone else”. Still caring” will increase Laisi’s favorability,

Luer Raiders

Perfect ending conditions: Love 4 stars or more

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