biko 2 cheats

biko 2 cheats

biko 2 cheats

Ways to eliminate “mosaic”

First edit illusion/iko2/dataxx.fpk: 562M

Use Ultraeditor, look for the Ascii string “frm-MOZParent”, the token of the mosaic object, and then look for the first pair of 80 3f and change it to 80 ff. I don’t know what it is, but the change is useful. There are 124 places to be changed. After the modification, the 3D interaction becomes uncensored, but there is actually nothing drawn :Q

Note: It is recommended to turn off the Temp file and Backup file functions of Ultraeditor before editing

How to remove the mosaic

Change the code in Rfd.cfg to 00 00 00 00 01. If it doesn’t work, change it to 00 00 00 01 and try again.

Get videos in EXTRA (BY ooiuyt)

Find the “Rfd.cfg” file in the game directory and back it up. Then modify the source file. Open it with a software that can modify the .cfg suffix file, and you will see “…XX XX XX (not necessarily all codes are ‘0’ so use’X’ instead. Haha…)…) “A type of digital code. There are a total of 16 columns that can be modified. Just change the “00” in the 1, 5, 9 and 13 columns to “01” and then overwrite it to the position of the source file.


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