Beyond Good and Evil classic game guide

Special pearls:

1 Enter the bar in the pedestrian zone, turn left at the door, and you will see a gaming table. There is a young man next to him. Talk to the young man and gamble with him. After winning all his chips, you can get a special pearl.

2 Walk around in the pedestrian area for a while and you will find a vendor who asks her to buy starkos, k bups and a pearl for 3,000 yuan, and then she will sell another special pearl for 3,000 yuan. Sometimes it will sell her heart.

3 In the pedestrian street, you will find a building, walk in and talk to someone who will let you buy pearl hearts and some other ingredients, and sometimes you will get m-disks.

4 Win two racing championships and you can get pearls. Tip: You must have a jumping bag on the roof of the car, drive over the red laser border and enter the cave outside the town, so that you can get pearls even if you were in the 3.4 position.

5. Every time you complete an animal movie role-play, you can get free pearls

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