Beyond Divinity game cheats

Beyond Divinity game cheats

Beyond Divinity game cheats
Modify initial character attributes
Find the “CharSelStats.dat” file under “Common” in the game directory, open it with Notepad, and modify the attribute value corresponding to the character. (Be careful to make a backup)
copy equipment
1, save
2. Throw everything you want to copy on the ground
3, save to another file
4. Go to WINDOWS to open the file directory you saved for the first time, and copy the 6 files starting with inv and items.000 to the file you saved for the second time, overwriting the file with the same name
5. Take the file you saved the second time, and you will find that there are treasures underground, and there are treasures in your hands.
is suitable for copying of the same character. If copying between characters, only money and runestone potions can be copied, not equipment.
Unlimited skill points
This is a cheat for using bugs in the game to obtain skill points. First of all, let me explain that the operations mentioned below are all shortcut key operations. I have not tested it during the mouse operation, so I do not guarantee that the mouse operation is equally effective.
shortcut key settings:
Fast storage: F5
Fast reading: F6
Skill panel: T
Operation process:
(1) Store the cheats quickly before using them first. Then find a place to die (that is, let a monster hang you up :P). When the game prompts you to “press ESC to restart”, use F6 to read the previous save.
(2) After reading the archive, use T to open the skill panel. Delete a learned skill. At this time, the skill will be grayed out and have no effect. Clicking on the skill, you can only see four series of options. The bottom of the panel will show the skill points you can use now.
(3) Use T to close the skill panel and open it again. (Don’t click OK or Cancel to close the panel) Click the gray skill just now, you will find that except for the gray icon, all other additional points still exist. And the remaining skill points below are still so many obtained after deleting the skill!
In this way, the purpose of defrauding skill points has been achieved. And it can be repeated after a death. Complete skill training has also become very easy.
Cheats principle:
Originally in a normal game, (2) after the end, if you close the panel with T, the game will be canceled by default, the deleted skills will be restored to the original bonus points, and the remaining skill points will be deducted. However, after a death, press T to close the panel after executing (2), the game will not be canceled by default, so the skill points are retained, but the added points of the deleted skills will not change.
PS: If you don’t want the skill to look gray, there are two solutions: 1. Change the skill icon once. 2. Follow the steps (2) and (3) above and do it again.

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