Bet On Soldier Blood Sport game cheats

The most depressing thing in Bet On Soldier Blood Sport is the problem of silver. The bullets are consumed very quickly. There is also that saving, once it takes 1400, it is as high as 1800 later. Open the GamePlay.cfg file under “X:\Program Files\Kylotonn Entertainment\Bet on Soldier\Mods\Bos\Tuning” with Notepad, find the line “SAVE PRICE”,



SavePrice_PostLeague = 1800

SavePrice_League1 = 1400

SavePrice_League2 = 700

SavePrice_League3 = 400

——————————————” is what you need when saving money.

Find the “REWARDS” column above

The following lines of code should be the money rewarded when you kill the enemy.

Modification effect: The game starts with 100,000 (money capped), the saving cost is $1.00, and the reward for killing is N times the original. It is estimated that there will be no shortage of money.

Overwrite the original file after downloading.

Remember to back up the original file before modifying.

The modification is quite simple. What is depressing is that there are a lot of guns, and they need to be modified one by one. Some weapons did not understand what they were used for, so there was no modification. Now the modified 6-tube MiniGun has 100,000 bullets, 10,000 magazines, and a cooldown of 10,000. It should be enough for you to turn on the killing ring. Also, when you buy bullets for the first time, all your money will disappear all at once, so why did you go? I bought bullets~~

ps: Still the same, covering the entire folder “X:\Program Files\Kylotonn Entertainment\Bet on Soldier\Mods\Bos\Tuning\Solo”


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