Battle Beast game cheats

Battle Beast game cheats

Battle Beast game cheats

When selecting the Order Form, type
Enter cheating mode, type the following string to use the following tricks:
AOFREOIO⇒Open all bonus houses;
EATEE ⇒ make the monster not deform;
EHRTRR⇒Fly automatically in the bonus room;
ERHNE⇒All bonus houses are opened;
ERHYHRLY ⇒ weaken Toadman.
ITIHFO⇒Two wins of three games;
NHAENRH1⇒1P unlimited ammo;
NHAENRH2⇒2P unlimited ammo;
OAOAEIOA⇒Start the automatic flight mode in the laboratory;
OFOVH⇒Double the time for bonus house;
OIVNNFOF ⇒ Attack Tadpoles (Tabpoles) in the laboratory;
ORUFO⇒The best invisibility effect in the bonus room.

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