Banner Saga 3 game cheats

Open the console method

Add developer after the shortcut, for example, the space after “developer attention” at the end of The Banner Saga 3.exe cannot be deleted

Press ctrl+shift+~ in the game to open the console

Enter code

Console command


?-List all commands

Common commands

Saga item_all-Get all items Will add all items (beware, doing in battle will grab your time)

Items_unlock-Remove the rank restriction on equipping items

Battle buffarm-Modify the defense (shield) of all characters in the team to 100 during the battle. Give everyone in your party 100 ARM

Commands that affect the fun of the game

Battle buffstr-Modify the strength (HP) of all characters in the team to 100 during the battle, one move is lethal. Give everyone in your party 100 STR

fsm state battle stat Character name (English) Strength 100-modify the character value to the specified value (this modification has not been tested, please pay attention to the backup file) Ex. fsm state battle stat juno STRENGTH 100-sets Strength to 100

If you don’t know the name of the person, switch to English and you can see the name of the person in English, in Chinese and English, in order.


Strength (HP) Strength


Exercise? (Green chain icon)Exertion

Broken Shield (blue broken shield icon) Break

Example of use: fsm state battle stat juno strength 100 That is, set the Juno character’s strength to 100, change the Strength to the corresponding English, and change 100 to the corresponding value.

Uncommon commands

spawnadd – Adds an enemy to the battlefield

saga roster_add x – Where x = a hero name (this may cause game script problems, use with caution). No removal!

saga market_show – Will open a market anywhere

saga market_refresh – Will refresh the market items

saga vars [pattern] – List saga vars, using optional pattern filter

saga vars caravan – List caravan saga vars

saga vars global – List global saga vars

saga vars cast – List cast saga vars

saga vars xyz – List vars with names starting with ‘xyz’

saga set – Set a saga var

saga happenings – List all active happenings

saga caravan – Display info on current caravan

saga bookmark [bookmark] – Jump to bookmark, or list bookmarks

saga info – Get info on current scene, convo, etc… (also copies to clipboard)

saga acv unlocked – Display current unlocked achievements

saga acv clear * – Clear all achievements

items – Display list of all available items

fsm state battle ai – Toggle Battle AI off, allowing you to control the AI

fsm state battle stat – Ex. fsm state battle stat juno STRENGTH 100 – sets Strength to 100

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