Balls of Steel game cheats

Balls of Steel game cheats

Balls of Steel game cheats

Enter the following cheats in the game to get the corresponding effect:

grand canyon⇒Ball obstacle on/off
last legs⇒Set the last ball
morlock⇒Increase time
eloi ⇒ reduce time
pitchfork⇒ score increase
couch potato⇒Video mode is on
freakshow⇒Get special balls
triplets ⇒ get 3 balls
warp core⇒Get Powerball
evil twin⇒get 2 balls
In addition to the above secrets, the unique secrets of each mini game


bucket⇒ raid
whodunnit⇒Ready to complete
nerf gun⇒Super cannon
popcorn⇒Super attack
roach motel⇒ crawling attack
t-minus 1 ⇒ attack list
t-minus 2 ⇒ hunt for bugs
t-minus 3 ⇒ enter guard state
t-minus 4 ⇒ Common external
t-minus 5⇒Storm weather
t-minus 6⇒Rescue
t-minus 7⇒show ​​all
t-minus 8 ⇒ last attack
Duke Nukem

bucket⇒ raid
whodunnit⇒Get a special item
gatekeeper⇒All keys
meat markeet⇒Pick up items
t-minus 1⇒The difficulty of the game becomes “Come get some”
t-minus 2⇒Invincible
t-minus 3 ⇒ glow
t-minus 4⇒Space mode
t-minus 5 ⇒ baby mode
t-minus 6⇒Be stronger
t-minus 7⇒Final mode

whodunnit⇒Get a special item
bucket⇒ raid
roaad rage⇒ being chased by a car
t-minus 1⇒Countdown
t-minus 2 ⇒ Chaos highway
t-minus 3 ⇒ bomb threat
t-minus 4⇒Water mode
t-minus 5⇒Airport mode
t-minus 6 ⇒ tunnel alarm
t-minus 7⇒Arson attack
t-minus 8⇒The Big Bang

whodunnit⇒God’s gift
bucket⇒death assistance
dry⇒Underground mode
cool⇒air mode
hot⇒fire mode
wet⇒water mode
yorick⇒channel mode
new york⇒The base is ready
t-minus 1⇒Diamond mode
t-minus 2⇒Sapphire mode
t-minus 3 ⇒ ruby ​​mode
t-minus 4 ⇒ opal mode
t-minus 5⇒Emerald mode
t-minus 6⇒Blade mode

whodunnit⇒Get special items
bucket⇒ raid
popcorn⇒Super attack
t-minus 1⇒Alarm
t-minus 2⇒Atomic attack
t-minus 3 ⇒ breeding
t-minus 4⇒High voltage
t-minus 5⇒Radiation
t-minus 6 ⇒ mutation
t-minus 7 ⇒ burst

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