Baldur’s Gate Tales of the Sword Coast game cheats


Heavy Crossbow +1⇒XBOW02
Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy⇒XBOW03
Helm of Balduran⇒HELM07
Helm of Charm Protection⇒HELM06
Helm of Defense⇒HELM04
Helm of Glory⇒HELM03
Helm of Infravision⇒HELM05
Helm of Opposite Alignment⇒HELM02
Helshara’s Artifact Fragment⇒MISC69
Hold Person⇒SCRL1I
Horn Coral Gem⇒MISC35
Improved Invisibility⇒SCRL1Y
Iol Gem⇒MISC26
Jade Ring⇒RING13
Jasper Gem⇒MISC23
Key to River Plug⇒MISC83
Kings Tears⇒MISC44
Know Alignment⇒SCRL92
Laeral’s Tear Necklace (3000 gp)⇒AMUL12
Large Shield⇒SHLD05
Large Shield⇒SHLD15
Large Shield⇒SHLD16
Large Shield +1⇒SHLD06
Large Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles⇒SHLD07
Larloch’s Minor Drain⇒SCRL84
Leather Armor⇒LEAT01
Leather Armor +1⇒LEAT02
Leather Armor +2⇒LEAT03
Light Crossbow⇒XBOW04
Light Crossbow +1⇒XBOW05
Light Crossbow of Speed⇒XBOW06
Lightning Bolt⇒SCRL1K
Lock of Nymph’s Hair⇒MISC51
Long Bow⇒BOW03
Long Bow +1⇒BOW04
Long Bow of Marksmanship⇒BOW07
Long Sword⇒SW1H04
Long Sword +1⇒SW1H05
Long Sword +2⇒SW1H06
Lynx Eye Gem⇒MISC17
Mace +1⇒BLUN05
Magic Missile⇒SCRL77
Magical Book⇒BOOK01
Male Body⇒MISC80
Medium Shield⇒SHLD03
Medium Shield⇒SHLD13
Medium Shield⇒SHLD14
Medium Shield +1⇒SHLD04
Melf’s Acid Arrow⇒SCRL95
Melicamp the Chicken⇒MISC49
Minor Globe of Invulnerability⇒SCRL1Z
Mirror Image⇒SCRL96
Mithril Chain Mail +4⇒CHAN06
Monster Summoning I⇒SCRL1L
Monster Summoning II⇒SCRL2A
Monster Summoning III⇒SCRL2G
Moonbar Gem⇒MISC40
Moonstone Gem⇒MISC27
Morning Star⇒BLUN06
Morning Star +1⇒BLUN07
Mulahey’s Holy Symbol⇒MISC85
Necklace of Missiles⇒AMUL01
Neutralize Poison⇒SCRL59
Normal Book⇒BOOK09
Nymph Cloak⇒CLCK07
Oil of Firey Burning⇒POTN13
Oil of Speed⇒POTN14
Oil of Speed⇒POTN23
Onyx Ring⇒RING12
Pearl Necklace⇒AMUL11
Plate Mail +1⇒PLAT02
Plate Mail Armor⇒PLAT01
Potion of Absorption⇒POTN18
Potion of Agility⇒POTN19
Potion of Clarity⇒POTN21
Potion of Cloud Giant Strength⇒POTN06
Potion of Cold Resistance⇒POTN22
Potion of Defense⇒POTN24
Potion of Explosions⇒POTN26
Potion of Fire Giant Strength⇒POTN05
Potion of Fire Resistance⇒POTN02
Potion of Firebreath⇒POTN27
Potion of Fortitude⇒POTN28
Potion of Freedom⇒POTN45
Potion of Frost Giant Strength⇒POTN04
Potion of Genius⇒POTN29
Potion of Healing⇒POTN08
Potion of Healing⇒POTN25
Potion of Heroism⇒POTN09
Potion of Hill Giant Strength⇒POTN03
Potion of Infravision⇒POTN30
Potion of Insight⇒POTN43
Potion of Insulation⇒POTN31
Potion of Invisibility⇒POTN10
Potion of Invulnerability⇒POTN11
Potion of Invulnerability⇒POTN40
Potion of Magic Blocking⇒POTN33
Potion of Magic Protection⇒POTN34
Potion of Magic Shielding⇒POTN35
Potion of Master Thievery⇒POTN36
Potion of Mind Focusing⇒POTN37
Potion of Mirrored Eyes⇒POTN38
Potion of Perception⇒POTN39
Potion of Power⇒POTN41
Potion of Regeneration⇒POTN42
Potion of Stone Form⇒POTN46
Potion of Stone Giant Strength⇒POTN12
Potion of Storm Giant Strength⇒POTN07
Potion of Strength⇒POTN44
Protection from Acid⇒SCRL03
Protection from Cold⇒SCRL04
Protection from Electricity⇒SCRL05
Protection from Evil⇒SCRL78
Protection from Fire⇒SCRL06
Protection from Magic⇒SCRL07
Protection from Normal Missiles⇒SCRL1N
Protection from Petrification⇒SCRL15
Protection from Petrification⇒SCRL73
Protection from Poison⇒SCRL08
Protection from Undead⇒SCRL09
Quarterstaff +1⇒STAF02
Rabbit’s Foot⇒MISC88
Rainbow Obsidian Necklace⇒AMUL07
Raise Dead⇒SCRL63
Red Potion⇒POTN15
Resist Fear⇒SCRL94
Ring of Animal Friendship⇒RING03
Ring of Clumsiness⇒RING04
Ring of Energy⇒RING20
Ring of Fire Resistance⇒RING02
Ring of Folly⇒RING23
Ring of Free Action⇒RING09
Ring of Holiness⇒RING22
Ring of Infravision⇒RING21
Ring of Invisibility⇒RING05
Ring of Protection +1⇒RING06
Ring of Protection +2⇒RING07
Ring of Wizardry⇒RING08
Rogue Stone⇒MISC45
Ruby Ring⇒RING19
Samuel (body)⇒MISC13
Scimitar +3, Frostbrand⇒SW1H15
Shadow Armor⇒LEAT08
Shadow Door⇒SCRL2H
Shandon Gem⇒MISC32
Shield Amulet⇒AMUL15
Shocking Grasp⇒SCRL80
Short Bow⇒BOW05
Short Bow +1⇒BOW06
Short Sword⇒SW1H07
Short Sword +1⇒SW1H08
Short Sword +2⇒SW1H09
Short Sword of Backstabbing⇒SW1H10
Silver Necklace⇒AMUL09
Silver Ring⇒RING11
Skull Trap⇒SCRL1P
Skydrop Gem⇒MISC21
Sling +1⇒SLNG02
Small Shield⇒SHLD01
Small Shield⇒SHLD11
Small Shield⇒SHLD12
Small Shield +1⇒SHLD02
Spear +1⇒SPER02
Spear +3, Backbiter⇒SPER03
Spell Book⇒BOOK02
Spell Scroll⇒SCRL02
Sphene Gem⇒MISC37
Spider Body⇒MISC60
Spider’s Bane⇒SW2H06
Splint Mail⇒CHAN04
Splint Mail +1⇒CHAN05
Star Diopside Gem⇒MISC31
Star Saphire(sic)⇒MISC41
Stinking Cloud⇒SCRL97
Studded Leather Armor⇒LEAT04
Studded Leather Armor +1⇒LEAT05
Studded Leather Armor +2⇒LEAT07
Studded Leather Armor +2, missile attraction⇒LEAT06
Studded Necklace with Zios Gems⇒AMUL04
Sunstone Gem⇒MISC18
Tchazar Gem⇒MISC24
The Candle⇒MISC74
The Claw of Kazgaroth⇒MISC72
The Horn of Kazgaroth⇒MISC73
Throwing Axe⇒AX1H04
Throwing Axe +2⇒AX1H05
Throwing Dagger⇒DAGG05
Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace⇒AMUL08
Turquoise Gem⇒MISC19
Two Handed Sword⇒SW2H01
Two Handed Sword +1⇒SW2H02
Two Handed Sword, Berserking⇒SW2H03
Vampiric Touch⇒SCRL1Q
Violet Potion⇒POTN16
Wand of Fear⇒WAND02
Wand of Fire⇒WAND05
Wand of Frost⇒WAND06
Wand of Lightning⇒WAND07
Wand of Magic Missiles⇒WAND03
Wand of Monster Summoning⇒WAND10
Wand of Paralyzation⇒WAND04
Wand of Polymorphing⇒WAND09
Wand of Sleep⇒WAND08
Wand of the Heavens⇒WAND11
War Hammer⇒HAMM01
War Hammer +1⇒HAMM02
War hammer +2⇒HAMM03
Water Opal⇒MISC39
Waterstar Gem⇒MISC28
Winter Wolf Pelt⇒MISC01
Wraith Form⇒SCRL1R
Wyvern Head⇒MISC52
Ziose Gem⇒MISC29
Zircon Gem⇒MISC25


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