Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn all cheats


Cheat code
1. Open the Baldur.ini file in the game directory (just use WordPad)
2. Find [Program Options]
3. Insert a sentence: Debug Mode=1
4. Save the Baldur.ini file
5. Enter the game, press CRTL+SPACE, a cheat code input box appears

Enter the following cheat code:
CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP (any number)
Modify your experience value, the upper limit is 2,950,000
CLUAConsole:AddGold (any number)
modify money
remove all the fog
It is recommended to make a backup of important documents before modifying, and then open the Baldur.ini document with any text editor, and find the following parameter line:
[Program Options]
Debug Mode=1
Save and exit. In the future, just press Ctrl and the space bar to open the console, so you can enter the following password:
CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP(amount) Give the current role or group the specified XP (note that the upper limit is 2950000)
CLUAConsole:AddGold(amount) Get money
CLUAConsole:CreateItem(“item code”, quantity) to get the specified quantity of items (note that there is no comma in the quantity)
Here is an example of getting a specified number of reels:
Item list:
Chan06–Drizzt‘s +4 Chainmail
Leat08—studded leather +3: shadow armor
Plat05–full board +1
Helm04–guard helmet
Shld04–medium armor +1
Shld06–large armor +1
Shld17–small round shield +1
Ring07–defense ring +2
Ring08–Magic ring
Brac14–guard belt AC 4
Clck02–protective cloak +2
Belt06–giant strength belt
Boot01–speed up boots
Staf08–Scepter +3
Hamm08–Warhammer +2
Sw1h09–short sword +2
Sw1h40–rose knife (long sword +3 +2Cha)
Sw1h49–Ninjutsu +1
Sw2h09–War sword (2-H sword +4)
Bow18–short bow +2
Bow17–Longbow +2
Slng03–Sling +3
Ax1h03–tomahawk +2
Halb03–halberd +2
Highest status:
When you create a character, you turn on debug mode=1 or cheats=1 and press Ctrl, Shift and 8 to get the highest state. If some of your attributes are reduced a bit before doing so, then you should try to increase it to 19 (such as wizard skills).

updated secret
Open the Baldur.ini file with Notepad, find a title called [Program Options], add this line under this title: Debug Mode=1, save and exit. Run the game, press Control+Space in the game to call it up Console.

Console deception trick (must be entered accurately):
Modify the team’s XP
CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP (“Fill in the amount of XP required”). Press Enter to activate. Note that the maximum XP in the game is 2,950,000-please do not enter a comma when modifying.
CLUAConsole:AddGold(“Fill in the amount of money needed”). Press Enter to activate. Note that the maximum amount of money in the game is 2,950,000-please do not enter a comma when modifying.
Note: You can assign XP to an individual or all players. When you want to modify the XP of a certain character, click once on the character you need to modify XP, and when its avatar is selected, enter the secret to modify XP. If you want to modify the XP of the entire team, click on the small square box in the lower right corner of the screen, then you will see that the avatars of all players are selected, open the console and enter the code.

display map
get props
CLUAConsole:CreateItem (fill in the item code here)
summon monsters
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature (fill in the code name of the monster here)
Item list:
Code Prop
Amul01 Necklace of Missiles
Amul14 Amulet of Protection +1
Amul15 Shield Amulet
Amul16 Amulet of Metaspell Infulence
Amul17 Greenstone Amulet
Amul19 Amulet of Magic Resistance 5%
Amul20 Kaligun’s Amulet of Magic Resistance 10%
Amul21 Amulet of Power
Amul22 Periapt of Proof Against Poison
Amul23 Periapt of Life Protection
Amul24 Necklace of Form Stability
Amul25 Amulet of Spell Warding
Code Prop
Arow01 Arrow
Arow02 Arrow +1
Arow03 Arrow of Slaying
Arow04 Acid Arrows
Arow05 Arrows of Biting
Arow07 Arrows of Dispelling
Arow08 Arrows of Fire
Arow09 Arrows of Ice
Arow10 Arrows of Piercing
Arow11 Arrows +2
Code Prop
Ax1h01 Battle Axe
Ax1h02 Battle Axe +1
Ax1h03 Battle Axe +2
Ax1h04 Throwing Axe
Ax1h06 Throwing Axe +2
Ax1h08 Hangards Axe +2
Ax1h09 Rifthome Axe +3
Ax1h10 Azure Edge
Ax1h12 Battle Axe +3: Stonefire
Ax1h13 Battle Axe +3: Frostreaver
Code Prop
Blun01 Mace


blun02 Flail
blun03 Flail +1
blun06 Morning Star
blun07 Morning Star +1
blun05 Mace +1
blun10 The Root of the Problem
blun12 Mace of Disruption +1
blun13 Flail +2
blun14 Flail of the Ages +3
blun15 Morning Star +2
blun16 The Sleeper +2
blun17 Wyvern‘s Tail +2
blun18 Skullcrusher +3
blun19 Mauler‘s Arm +2
blun20 Ardutia‘s Fall +1
blun21 Mace +2
blun22 Club +3: Blackblood
blun23 Bone Club +2, +3 vs Undead
blun24 Club +2: Gnasher
Heavy arrow
Code Prop
bolt01 Bolt
bolt02 Bolt +1
bolt03 Bolt of Lighting
bolt04 Bolt of Biting
bolt05 Bolt of Ploymorphing
Code Prop
boot01 Boots of Speed
boot02 Boots of Stealth
boot03 Boots of the North
boot04 Boots of the Avoidance
boot05 Boots of Grounding
boot07 Boots of Elvenkind
boot08 Boots of Phasing
boot11 Boots of Etherealness
Code Prop
bow01 Composite Long Bow
bow02 Composite Long Bow +1
bow03 Long Bow
bow04 Long Bow +1
bow05 Short Bow
bow06 Short Bow +1
bow07 Long Bow of Marksmanship
bow09 Ripper +2
bow10 Heartseeker +3
bow11 Strong Arm +2
bow12 Elven Court Bow +3
bow13 Mana Bow +4
bow14 Tuigan Bow +1
bow15 Tansheron‘s Bow +3
bow16 Composite Long Bow +2
bow17 Long Bow +2
bow18 Short Bow +2
bow19 Short Bow of Gesen

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