Backyard Baseball 2001 Cheats

Backyard Baseball 2001 Cheats

Backyard Baseball 2001 Cheats

Special Pitches

When you strike the other team out, you will here a sound and get a different pitch (Fireball, Big Freeze, Corkscrew, Spitball, etc). Each special pitch will make your juice go down.

Fireball – Super fast ball.

Slo-Mo – Super slow ball.

Corkscrew – The ball keeps looping around.

Zig-Zag – The ball zig-zags back and forth.

Crazyball – The ball flies all over the place.

Laughingball – The ball laughs very loud and is very hard to hit.

Big Freeze – The ball freezes right before the batter swings.

Elevator – The ball rises up over the bat once the batter swings.

Spitball – The ball sticks to the bat, causing it to go foul 90% of the time.

Sometimes you will get more juice instead of a special pitch.

Special Hits

When playing the CPU, get a person on first. If the computer hits a grounder, throw to second then first. If the play is turned correctly, you will hear a sound get either an Aluminum Power, Screaming Line Drive, Under Grounder, or Crazy Bunt.

Aluminum Power – Hit back to back homeruns with a power swing.

Screaming Line Drive – Hit a homerun with a line drive.

Under Grounder – Hit a homerun with a ground ball.

Crazy Bunt – Hit a homerun with a bunt.


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