Avernum 5 game cheats

Avernum 5 game cheats

Avernum 5 game cheats

In the game, press [Alt] + [Shift] + D to input the following cheats, and press Enter to confirm to get the corresponding effect:

pleaselikeme ⇒Let the locals no longer be hostile to you
ouchouchouch ⇒The team is full of life
imdrained ⇒The team is full of mana
owmybrains ⇒ To get rid of bad players
leetbuffz ⇒ Team blessing is full
iwanttobestronger ⇒ Increase experience points
ilovemoney ⇒+500 money
showmeall ⇒Display NPC on the mini map
dontshowmeall ⇒Hide NPCs on the mini map
backtostart ⇒Back to Fort Monastery
giveasnack ⇒The selected character gets pastry

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