Avencast: Rise of the Mage game cheats

Open the input cheats bar is “;”
cheat(“advance”,amount) This is to increase points (points can learn skills or character attributes)
cheat (“strength”,amount) This is to increase blood magic
cheat(“experience”,amount) This is the increased experience value
cheat(“health”,amount) This is to increase the maximum blood volume
cheat(“mana”,amount) This is to increase the maximum magic value
cheat (“spell”,amount) This is to increase soul magic
SetMoveSpd(mc_ID,amount) This is to increase the movement speed
CoverMap() This is to hide the map (I guess you don’t need this either)
ExportHero(“name”) This is to enter the hero name (I haven’t used it yet)
cheat(“health”) This is to restore the health bar to full
cheat(“mana”) This is to restore full mana
AddGold(mc_ID,amount) This is supposed to increase money (I haven’t used it, but it’s said in English to increase money)
SetImmortal(mc_ID,0) This is to restore the protagonist
SetImmortal(mc_ID,1) This is to turn the protagonist into invincible
UncoverMap() This is to open the map

amount is the amount you enter, just change the amount to the value you want!
The thing to note is to enter the entire cheat sheet into the include box!
For example, if you want to add 50 points, cheat(“advance”,50)
Then press Enter!

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