ATOM RPG game cheats


Open the console method

Keypad * + 0 after

Enter youshallnotpass to activate cheating mode

Console code and function

AP AP point


AddXP gain experience

AddLevel upgrade


UnlockCraft all recipes

UnlockMap fully open

Pobeda car

Addfuel fill up gasoline

Additem Money

Additem+item name+quantity

Weapon code


Additem AKS74U ak74 rifle 5.45

Additem AKMS akm rifle 7.62

Additem AK47 ak47 rifle 7.62

Additem ABC36 AVS-36 rifle 7.62*54

Additem M4A1 m-16 rifle 5.45

Additem HK33 HK33 rifle 5.45

Sniper rifle

Additem PTRD anti-material rifle 14.5

Additem M24 m24 sniper 7.62*54

Additem SVD svd sniper 7.62*54

Additem SKS_S with mirror sks 7.62*39

Additem VVE VER 6.39

Additem Vintorez VSS 9*39

Additem ACVAL VSS without mirror 9*39

Additem Rifle shotgun 5.45

Submachine gun

Additem Scorpion 9MM

Additem PPS43 Bobosha 10

Additem MP5K MK5 submachine gun 9.2mm

machine gun

Additem M249 m249 machine gun 5.45

Additem PKM 7.62*54 PKM

Additem RPK74 5.45 RPK74


Additem Sawed-off short-barreled shotgun shotgun

Additem IZ58 IZ58 double-barreled shotgun shotgun

Additem KS_23 KS_23 Shotgun Shotgun


Additem Tokarev TT pistol .30

Additem Makarov_Kovalev Gun of Honor (Enhanced Makarov) 9MM

Additem APS Sjieqijin Pistol 9

Additem Tokarev_Rust_Shish Shisha Gun .30

Additem DesertEagle special pistol 9.2MM

Additem Tulyak Polyak shotgun

Additem Nagant Nagant Revolver .30

Additem Mauser Box Cannon. 30

Additem Air_Pistol custom air pistol lead bullet

Additem Crossbow

Additem Crossbow_2

Additem Crossbow_3

Additem Crossbow_4 heavy crossbow

Homemade firearms

Additem Pipe_Pistol

Additem Pipe_Pistol_2

Additem Pipe_Pistol_3

Additem Pipe_Pistol_4

Additem Pipe_Revolver

Additem Pipe_Revolver_2

Additem Pipe_Revolver_3

Additem Pipe_Rifle

Additem Pipe_Rifle_2

Additem Pipe_Rifle_3

Additem Pipe_Rifle_4

Additem Pipe_Sniper

Additem Pipe_Sniper_3

Additem Pipe_Sniper_4

Additem 10mmPistol 9mm pistol 9.2mm


Additem Knife_Sharp sharp dagger

Additem Knife_War Soviet Army Dagger

Additem Knife_Machete

Additem Shovel_Work Shovel

Additem Montirovka crowbar

Additem SpecialKnife Leningrad dagger

Additem StoneZatochka stone dagger

Additem WoodWeapon wooden assault rifle

Additem WrathLenin Lenin’s Wrath


Additem DynamiteStick Dynamite Stick

Additem Grenade F1 grenade

Additem Molotov Molotov

Additem Home_Grenade earthen grenade

Additem Tin_Grenade custom grenade

Additem TNT


(AP is armor-piercing bullet)

Additem 10mm_AP

Additem 10mm_JHP

Additem 12_AP Shotgun

Additem 12_JHP

Additem 14_5mm_AP

Additem 14_5mm_JHP

Additem 307cal_AP .30 bullet

Additem 307cal_JHP

Additem 356cal_AP 9*39 silencer sniper bullet

Additem 356cal_JHP

Additem 5_45mm_AP

Additem 5_45mm_JHP

Additem 6_49mm_AP

Additem 6_49mm_JHP

Additem 7_62mm_AP 7.62*39

Additem 7_62mm_JHP

Additem 7mm_54R 7.62*54

Additem 7mm_54R_AP

Additem 9mm_AP

Additem 9mm_JHP

Additem BB_AP Gunpowder

Additem BB_JHP

Additem Bolt

Additem Bolt_AP Metal Crossbow Bolt

Additem PB lead shot

Additem Fuel gasoline (ammunition)

Additem Petrol gasoline (fuel)

Additem DiselOil diesel


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