Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood game cheats

Assassins Creed Brotherhood game cheats

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood cheat code:
In the Ride the Unicorn game, all horses except the horses in use by the player become unicorns.
Buns of Steel = Invincible.
Killing Spree=The assassination action cannot be defended.
Sisterhood = All recruited assassins become female.
Ultimate Guild = All recruited assassins are automatically full rank (Assassino rank).
Unlimited Assassin Signals = Unlimited summons assassins.
Desmond Everywhere = Ezio’s appearance becomes Desmond

Each cheat code above corresponds to Chapter 1-6 of the game (Chapter 7 has no cheat code). In addition, many people are asking how to use a cheat code. After you get the prompt to unlock a certain cheat code, press ESC, and then there is a cheat code selection in the DNA option, you can check it through a certain memory Effect of cheat codes

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  2. […] Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood game cheats […]

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