Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood cheats

Assassins Creed Brotherhood cheats

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood cheats

These are cheats that you can unlock when completing the appropriate task. Once the task is complete, you can turn on the cheat in the “Options” menu. Cheats won’t work in normal mode, they will only work when you’re replaying memories mode.

Ride the Unicorn / Turn all horses into Unicorns, weapons are electric : Beat Sequence 1 with 100% Synch

Buns of Steal / Invincibility : Beat Sequence 2 with 100% Synch

Killing Spree / Assassinations cannot be blocked: Beat Sequence 3 with 100% Synch

Sisterhood / Assassin’s Guild recruits are all female : Beat Sequence 4 with 100% Synch

Ultimate Guild / Assassin’s Guild recruits are Assassino rank : Beat Sequence 5 with 100% Synch

Calling all Assassins / No cooldown timer when calling Assassins : Beat Sequence 6 with 100% Synch

Desmond Everywhere / Desmond skin : Beat Sequence 8 with 100% Synch


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