Archimedean Dynasty game cheats

Archimedean Dynasty game cheats

Archimedean Dynasty game cheats:

Cheat 1: Use the key combination directly in the game to get the corresponding cheating effect

Cheats Effect
[Left Ctrl] + [Right Ctrl] + 1 Unlimited Cannonballs
[Left Ctrl] + [Right Ctrl] + 0 End the current level
[Left Ctrl] + [Right Ctrl] + 3 Invincible mode
[Left Ctrl] + [Right Ctrl] + 2 Torpedo unlimited

Cheat 2: Modify the recent through archive:

Find the archive file under “bluebyte\ad\dat\save”, and find Credit = after opening it? ? ? One line, this line represents the amount of money you have in the game. The modification method is clear to everyone. Modify the number, save, and re-enter the game.

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