Arcania Gothic 4 game cheats

Arcania Gothic 4 game cheats

Arcania Gothic 4 game cheats:
To use the console code, first we need to open the Arcania Gothic 4 console:

Open method: modify the input.xml file, add the following code before the end of the document

<Input command=”cheat menu”>

<Key code=”59″ />

<Activation type=”first active” />


Vista/Win 7:C:Users your username (My) DocumentsArcaniA-Gothic 4

XP: Cocuments & Settings your username My DocumentsArcaniA-Gothic 4

After saving, enter the game and press F1 to start, ESC to exit.

Arcania Gothic 4 Cheats:

SSAO SSAO⇒Effect switch


SHOW FPS COUNTER ⇒FPS is displayed in the game

TIME OF DAY ⇒ time control, respectively stop, original speed, 10 times, 50 times

STAMINA⇒ Endurance control

LIFE ⇒Life Control

MANA ⇒ Mana control

LEVEL ⇒ level control

INCREASE⇒ is to improve
DECREASE⇒ is down

SLOW-MOTION ⇒Slow motion mode

WIND ⇒Wind control

RAIN ⇒ rain control

On a sunny day, it will start raining immediately

LIGHTNING ⇒Lightning

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