Apache game cheats

Apache game cheats

Apache game cheats

Use the following cheats as the driver’s name

Cheats——————– Function
MONTY BARRYMORE ⇒Invincible and unlimited ammo in the campaign mode
Flamdwyn Aiobhell ⇒ Unlimited ammo
Lyn Wins ⇒Unlimited ammo, invincibility, cheats mode
After activating the cheats mode (Lyn Wins), use the following key combinations to get the corresponding effect:

Cheats————– Function
[Alt]-V ⇒ No fuel
[Alt]-T ⇒ Toggle Overtorque
[Shift]-V ⇒ Fuel supply
[Shift]-[Ctrl]-[Alt]-[TAB] ⇒shift
[Ctrl]-T ⇒ Terrain tracking

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